Twelve years ago I moved to the Caribbean. That was not my initial plan when I came here for the first time. I just came for 3 weeks of French classes after separating from my husband. I needed a break and it was impossible for me to stay in Germany for Christmas. Actually, since I was twenty, I was on vacation over Christmas, but I just do not like the atmosphere in the holiday season. I do not like pretending to be happy and I do not like fake emotions. And that’s what I felt most around the holiday season. My family couldn’t really understand my absence and neither could my friends. I remember one year even my husband said he would like to be home for Christmas. Well, people are different and that is the part where we have to figure out what we need in order to be happy and to live according to that need–to live authentically. For me it is important to choose correctly, to be honest, and to live my truth. This was not always the case and was hard to learn, too.

Now, at the end of the year, we often take the time to reflect and make plans for the new year.

We set goals (even though we might have forgotten them by the third week of the new year), but it is always good to sit, think and reflect.

Will you sit down and come up with new year’s resolutions? Maybe you would like to create more health and energy in your life next year? Start a new “diet” to improve your overall health? Maybe you would like to create more success in your business or even change the profession? Or you are planning to live your dream life, you know, the one with white sandy beaches and sunshine? Well, your dream life could be totally different from mine, you might prefer having kids and a family life. Whatever you choose, what feels right for you is what you should focus on. Connect with yourself, with your divine self to figure out what your desired life is! What makes you happy? Too often I see clients who realize that they never lived what they wished for. Often people around forty-five to fifty, are kind of desperate and realizing that they have dreamed of something else. It is sad if a woman at fifty realizes she wished she had a family, a husband, and kids. Then I am wondering, how is it possible that she realized it at this age when her whole life she acted differently, not ‘working’ on that desire? Not dating guys who had husband potential? Not being serious about their wish? How is it possible that we live a life and ‘too late’ we realize this is not what we wanted?

Speaking for myself, I knew what I wanted, but didn’t know how to get there.

There were these feelings that I had to accomplish something for my parents, fulfill their wishes, subconsciously guided by obligations. And guided by fear. Finally, it was my body that was going on strike. The more I disconnected myself from my heart’s desire, the more I got sick.

I am sure that this is the case for most of us, but often we do not want to see the truth. We are afraid of the big change that might be necessary, the quitting of the job or leaving the partner. Fear and group conscious beliefs are strong forces that can hold us back.

Living your own truth is not easy. It takes courage, it often demands that you leave the comfort zone and our society’s expectations.  Also, these days social media has a big influence on making us believe what kind of life we should live.

But when you succeed in living your dreams, desires, and truth, and you feel this connection to the divine self, then for sure you will feel:

  1. You will feel balanced
    Nothing can throw you off! Even though difficult times will arise, you understand the situation and you master it
  2. You are not looking for validation from others
    Because you know what it takes to be happy, you stop trying to please others and fulfill others’ expectations.
  3. No more guilt
    When you live your truth, you let go of guilt, because you know you live to make yourself happy in the first place, not others. But by being happy, you will do good to other’s around you, too 
  4. You don’t take things personally
    As you know your truth, you also understand that others live theirs. What they say or do is their truth; you are not falling into other’s opinion or judgment about you
  5. You respect yourself and others more
    Living your truth makes it easier to be respected as you respect yourself more. Your environment can feel that vibration and show you respect too.

Before I started living my truth, I suffered a lot. I felt disconnected and often lost, not just in my body, but also in my professional life and my relationship. Another negative result of feeling lost and disconnected shows up in the way you nurture yourself.  You may eat a lot of crap, which is not nurturing or helping you to get the connection in body, mind and soul. 

If you want to change your life to a more authentic life, if you want to stop feeling lost, please feel free to read more in my book “YIN IS THE NEW BLACK-how to get rid of imbalances in life.” You can order it here on Amazon, and listen to the short extract from my talk at the awaken fare in Tarrytown, New York, November 2018, where I participated as a speaker. Her is also a mini-meditation that I have offered, please click to get it Try it for yourself, figure out what your desires and wishes are. And then go for it, live your truth. Be you.
photo credit: /  George Pagan


  • Petra Rakebrandt

    Executive Meditation Coach, MBA

    Petra Rakebrandt is a Wellpreneur, an intuitive Health Coach, Yoga teacher, energy artist, specializing in a Yin approach to healing. She helps people suffering from loss of energy, chronic pain, depression, and anxiety, find their gifts so they can feel at ease in their body and mind. After transforming her own health with Energy Medicine (Polarity Therapy), Reiki, ThetaHealing and Nutrition, she dedicated her life helping others achieve their highest potential – physical, emotional and energetic. Her holistic approach includes interactive therapies such as yoga, meditation, journaling, bioenergetic bodywork, and natural remedies. As a former Managing Director in a technical company, corporate wellness is part of her consulting work. She is the founder of Petra Rakebrandt-Mind-Body-Soul and the author of "Yin is the new black-How to get rid of imbalances in life". She teaches regularly internationally retreats.