Every travelling experience brings its own benefits and adds richness to the soul. However, like everything else in life, not all destinations or traveling experiences are made equal. Some are adventurous, others fun and frilly, and others simply leave a more profound impact on your soul and have the ability to change your entire outlook on life. Indeed, some journeys are both literal as well as figurative, and it doesn’t matter where you go – it’s what you do with the time you’re given there that can completely turn your world upside down, in the best sense of the word. You may have been to a great number of places and each of them has made an impact on your soul. Now, it’s time to get away, all the way up to amazing Canada and truly connect with your inner self. Sometimes a person needs to get as far away as possible from home in order to reconnect with something inside that life and all its hectic-ness made them lose, so take our hand as we guide you to the ultimate self-reconnecting getaway in one of the greatest countries on the planet.

Mother Nature at its finest

One of the first incentives for booking the next flight and going on a self-exploring adventure in Canada is the almost unbelievable Aurora Borealis. There are amazing Northern Lights packages that you can choose from, ranging from those that offer accommodation in places that are right under the Auroral Oval, which is essentially the prime spot to see Mother Nature’s magnificent work, which is why it’s known as Aurora Capital of the World, and is located in the Northwest Territories. Whichever place you chose to witness this almost celestial phenomenon, it will most certainly be one of the most significant moments of your life. It’s not just the surreal colors and the play of lights – this phenomenon is more than the sum of its parts. It simply makes you wonder how something this beautiful can exist in this world of ours. It essentially makes you believe in magic, and for some inexplicable reason, this experience makes everything feel better. It makes you more humble, more connected with yourself, with the entire universe, and it gives you this, inexplicable hope and a firm belief that miracles are possible and that everything in your life and within you will align and be more than okay.

Time for reflection

You may not have known this, but Canada is home to some of the most peculiar and interesting hotels in the entire world. Our definite favorite is Free Spirit Spheres, Qualicum Beach, BC, and for a very specific reason. This place is so secluded and private, surrounded by nothing but Canada’s signature lush greenery. This place is perfect for those looking to get away from everything and everyone. Here, you will be left alone with your thoughts, have plenty of time to meditate, reflect on your life and perhaps even make a major, life-altering decision. This is what the incredibly clean air, a touch of cold and solitude in the right place can do for a person. For the first time in a very long time, your busy mind will empty and you will be able to focus on yourself. You can use this time in whichever way you need to – reconnect with yourself through hikes, meditation, exploration of the island. The nature this beautiful has the power of changing your entire life-perspective, and whatever you need to get from your getaway, you’ll find it here – whether it’s peace and tranquility, quality ‘me’ time, or a place to gather your thoughts when you’re feeling lost and figure out which route you want to take in the life that awaits for you at home. Never underestimate the power of seclusion – it can help you turn everything around.

Time for change

When life has you down, and you have no idea what your next move should be and what you even want out of life, it’s definitely time to make a break for it. Now, you may be inclined to get away to a secluded place such as the Free Spirit Spheres, but if your soul requires guidance and not just head-clearing solitude, you need to be in the presence of those who are experienced and qualified to help you navigate the messiness of life and figure out where you want to go and what you want out of life. You need to be among patient and wise shamans, amazing yoga instructors and like-minded people. If this sound close to home, pack your bags and head to a five-day yoga and meditation retreat in Ontario. Yes, believe it or not, in just five action-packed days, your life can completely change. You will receive wise words from your guided meditation and coaching sessions, incredible hikes, fresh air, yoga and bonding bonfires. You will rediscover your strength, be completely released from self-doubt, and be back at home a brand new person, a person of elevated spirit and clear mind who is ready to take on the world and do everything that you didn’t even know you wanted or could do.

Yes, Canada is one of the many wondrous lands that has so much to offer, especially in terms of self-discovery and growth, so pack your bags, and if you have the time, pay a visit to all three destinations, as each of them has something unique to offer.