Life Defining Change Why I Will Always Be Grateful For David Shephard

Life change was something I was in desperate need of in 2004. Frankly, I had needed it for longer than that, I had just never been ready to admit it. Following what could be termed as various tragic events, and other profoundly upsetting experiences, I was a a real sense of loss, and sadness pervaded through my life in a way I have never believed it would. I was feeling bitter and regretful on a daily basis, and it was destroying my life. I had been in need of real life change for ages, I just had zero idea how or what to do.

Fortune Smiles As A Friend Extends An Invitation To A Weekend Life Change Workshop

Someone who was very dear to me at the time, and knew only too well all the stuff that had built up inside of me, shared that they had an extra ticket to a weekend workshop entitled “Re-Engineering The Self” one day while we were chatting.

We had a mutual interest in psychology and how the mind worked, though while this was the case, they knew I hadn’t taken any real action to change my own life. At that time anyway.

Having studied engineering, being interested in psychology, and knowing I needed desperately to do something before life swallowed me up, I jumped at the opportunity to go with them. And to discover what was possible. I mean I knew re-engineering implied a total overhaul with all manner of efficiencies coming as a result, so I was keen to discover what the workshop leader David Shephard could actually help us achieve.

NLP Training David Shephard

Kindness With A Firm Manner Entrusting My Life To David Shephard

When I finally arrived at the workshop on the first day for registration, I was stunned by how calm and pleasant everyone was. Especially David. Whilst it might be usual to refer to him as Mr Shepard from this point forward, having been to numerous events led by him, including both my NLP practitioner and NLP master practitioner courses, as well as coaching at events that I had previously been on with him, I have come to regard him as a friend.

David went out of his way to make everyone feel welcome, and at ease. Which knowing we were heading into a weekend of life change, and being unsure of what was going to happen, was very welcome.

With all his kindness, David also had a very firm stance on what was happening, and certain presuppositions we would be working to. If you have ever studied NLP you will know these. While most of the group chose to accept the model and work with it, there were a couple of people, one of whom was a psychiatrist for whom the presuppositions of NLP were to far a stretch for their model of the world. Chiefly around accepting that we are responsible for all our results.

While this challenged me too, largely because some fairly terrible things had happened in my life. David had a way about him, something that indicated that even though you were heading off into uncharted territory which ran in opposition to much common thinking. Everything was going to be more than just alright.

This firmness in having people agree to work along specific ways of thinking, was backed by an incredibly beautiful kindness. Which just elicited incredible faith that while working with David, through the various NLP and other personal development techniques that would be used, an incredible level of life change. A wider opportunity for happiness and fulfilment. Would be attained.

Just have faith and flow with it. So I did.

Release, Growth And Expansion Led By David That I Will Forever Be Grateful For

Release was something I was desperately in need of in 2004 as mentioned before. Over that weekend there was a huge amount of it going on for me. Though the real key moment came as David led us through a session of Time Line Therapy®, something which I had been totally unprepared for. It was incredibly liberating though.

Time Line Therapy® is a set of techniques which can be used to release a lifetime’s worth of negative emotions, through anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt, in around one hour. It is very powerful. It can also be used to release limiting beliefs. That is beliefs which are blocking you on an unconscious level from advancing in life, and achieving fulfilment.

While releasing anger was minor for me, releasing sadness was huge.

I had never realised I was carrying so much around with me. And that in doing so I had tarnished so much good in my life.

To say I came out feeling totally liberated would be an understatement. It was amazing.

Over the course of the weekend I came to understand why David had called the workshop “Re-Engineering The Self” because we did exactly that. I was in a position of going all out, something which I knew would do me good, and it did.

David Shephard World Leading NLP Master Trainer

With Massive Thanks To David Shephard I Reclaimed Control Of My Life

I came out of that weekend vastly different from when I when into it.

I had a totally redefined purpose in life. I felt happy, truly happy, for the first time in years. And I had begun heading down the rabbit hole in a big way. I love the life change I was feeling, and knew I could unlock so much more. Over the next twelve months I attended various courses led by David, he had helped me to install massive faith in myself, and I knew he was the teacher I had been needing for years.

I ploughed through NLP practitioner and NLP master practitioner certifications in close on five months. David had awoken a passion for life and personal development that I had never experienced before. A passion which has since led me to help a vast number of people around the world through my own work in personal development, coaching and life change. While there have been challenges since, I have dealt with them in far better ways, all thanks to the personal growth which sprouted forth on that first weekend workshop, which has since been re-titled “Fix Your Mind”. So to David Shephard, thank you, I am forever grateful for the life change you helped guide me through. Blessings to you.


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