I am back from a wide-opening new travel adventure in Bangkok, Thailand, where I retain the yin yang balance of old and new, spirituality and modernity, and I like the new language Thai and the Thank you gesture by uniting hands as if it was a prayer.

Part of Wat Pho, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha – Bangkok, Thailand

Who we are is constantly challenged by the outside world, by the opinions of others about us, by what rules of society say we should abide by and stick to. Self-reaffirmation, when you have traveled a lot and you have met many people, you have encountered many personalities, you have seen places (but of course the best life investment is to see even more!) is a daily practice we should adopt, by just taking a siesta in between the day, or by meditating and listening to this awesome guru called Tsoknyi Rinpoche (Pundarika Foundation), or by listening to Tibetan Healing Mantra – here an example, but you can find many on Youtube (everything is ok, see the 17 Mantras that will help you through the day) .

To be at your best, always, you must practice Gratitude to be in the world, feel your presence and acknowledge your worth, pray for the most beautiful happenings to your friends, loved ones and yourself.

If we believe in the world and its constant change, we become ONE- an osmosis takes place: we feel everything that the world is telling us, all the presences around us, and – from the inside- we manifest who we are in the world by what we say and what we do.

Chap Phraya River -boat crossing to reach Wat (Temple) Arun – Bangkok, Thailand

What we like and what we are attracted to comes naturally afterwards. Change requires a lot of patience, forward-looking thinking, visualization of opportunities and physical spaces where we can see ourselves into.

To change the world, we must be able to practice kindness to yourself, as us, be the example of the change we wish to see- Mahatma Gandhi docet.

At the Wisma Dharma Cakra, Sri Lankan Buddhist temple in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Downtown mango and watermelon juices night with a new friend, Farita, open-hearted, sincere and a true soul.
Long lasting friend, 10 years down the line! Friendships last forever, the best and most precious gift given to humans, Kevin and Gaia

Ciao, and some songs to which my Heart Truly MovesBest Remixes of 90’s Popular Songs


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