Life force is not an idea or explanation. You feel the force when you feel angry, when you feel confusion, when you feel the pull of any desire, when you meet any unexpected positive or negative happening. There is ‘nothing’ behind this feeling, this vibration.

Can you see the pull of any desire-desire to eat something, sexual desire, desire to acquire something and so on? Instead of feeling the pull of desire, instead of feeling the pull of contradictory thoughts that arise with the desire, we become busy in taking sides by condemning or justifying the desire-the process of desire is vitiated. Seeing the pull of desire, being with the pull without any ideation is the connection to the Original energy.

Desire is wanting something in actual, physical, material terms from moment to moment. And not that ‘I want happiness’, ‘I want peace’, ‘I want more money’ and so on. This is simply seeking relief (illusory) through thinking. To see the arising of desire is your connection to the Original.

You are thinking as if you will feel settled, okay, free when you have more money, when your questions about life, about existence are answered, solved, when your children grow up and are settled, when you reach at some position in your work or job and so on. By this thinking, you are trying to seek relief away from now, by depending upon tomorrow.

Can you see that you are in that state now, you are in a relieved state now as you are not in immediate physical danger? Now your mind automatically forms the image of what you want, what you want to do. The solution, the fulfillment happens.

If the solution, the fulfillment does not happen?

This question does not bother you as there is no satisfactory end to what you want. The desires, the images, the demands are continuously happening.

You have seen the self-sustained process of life.