Our thoughts take us away from being consciously present in the moment.

Knowing the thought-free, inexpressible presence of conscious awareness is an essential part of life at any time, and especially now, when we find ourselves living in a new reality.

At any moment, we have the opportunity to ask ourselves the crucial question: where’s my attention focused right now?

Is it focused in a stream of thoughts about how difficult things are? Or how terrible things might happen in the future?

We can take a few deep breaths and take the focus of our attention inward with those breaths.

We can gently hold this inner focus of attention inside ourselves and find the deep silence of conscious awareness, the inexpressible presence of consciousness prior to all thought.

There’s only now, and now is always an opportunity to focus our attention away from our thoughts and take it inward, deep into our inner core and find the conscious presence inside us.

This conscious presence is the inexpressible intelligence of universal consciousness in all of us, an always reliable, intuitive source of insight, inspiration and helpful guidance.

Among the daily reminders of how fragile life is, how vulnerable we all are to unexpected change, and how our thoughts and dreams about the future always exist, always have existed, in a continuous unspoken negotiation with chance and circumstance, we can find inside ourselves the one constant wordless presence, an experience beyond thoughts, a realization of the inexpressible nature of being human.

Knowing the conscious now moment, and allowing thoughts of the future, the past, our current life situation and even our separation from others to dissolve away, brings us to the realization that we’re a spacious universal consciousness appearing as a separate person.

Letting go of thinking, so we can appreciate the presence of consciousness, here and now in the present moment, helps us find the inner peace we often look for.

A few moments inwardly focusing our attention, helps us reach into this spacious universal intelligence inside all of us and find the intuitive guidance and resilience to continue living our life reasonably well.

We will get through this.

Paul Mulliner is a writer and digital artist

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