I am a Control and Instrumentation engineer in a Modernized Thermal power plant in India and working in the power sector for last 23 years. The Power sector has undergone a lot of changes in the years specially the automation sector and disrupting technologies  and a shift from non  renewable to renewable make you keep yourself always updated of the changing scenario in order for an organization to survive in the Power market.

Apart from being an engineer I am also a mother of two children who are now teenagers. The growing responsibility of handling teenagers as they reach high school and an important phase of their life where their career choice becomes so crucial, and at the same time handling my career responsibilities, was making my balancing act tougher day by day. Moreover the Power Sector is a male dominated field of work where a lady has always to prove her worth and stand apart in equal footing. At this difficult bend of my life I was often shaken to the core and was thinking of quitting my job for the sake of my children and thinking of taking up some job which I can handle from home. This situation made me prioritize my responsibilities.

My Children ,My Life

Be courageous and Tread the road not taken.

From a very young age I was very passionate about writing and composing poetries. I thought if I quit my job I could take up my   passion if I am at home. It made me rethink as to why did I   take up this career of engineering. Well during our time few ladies opted for this career but I was one among them who liked taking up challenges and treading the road not taken. I reflect back on those days and I will tell my younger self to “be courageous and Tread the road not taken”.

Many times as I look back , I was shaken my the male dominance in the sector and each time I was weak , I always stood up after every fall and gathered up my strength to become more stronger after every challenge. 23 years in this field has taught me to be a continuous learner. Learning never ends. Life continues till you continue learning and relearning. When my balancing act of family and career obligations shook me to the core  , the new policy of Child Care Leave a government initiative for working ladies having children , came to my rescue. It came as a boon to me and I am sure many working mothers benefited from this policy.

My Career, My Life

While staying at home during Child Care Leave to take care of examination needs or diseases of my children, I took up my passion of writing as well. That kept me from the feeling that I am not doing anything substantial. Usually when a working lady has to stay at home without work apart from household duties she feels a vacuum inside. So taking up my first love of writing whenever I get time is also a pleasure and it fuels my inner energies to carry on joyfully with my responsibilities

Writing is my LOVE

Accept and adopt to Change

In my 23 years of service in the power sector I have learnt that change is a way of life .Its a bend and not an end. Situations, circumstances in life changes dramatically throwing you out of the track but to hold on, change gears smoothly. Accept and adopt to changes, this only  will help you survive and live life joyfully.

So life may be full of bends but each bend is not an end, each bend is growing your strengths, to be the person you want to be.