Millions saw the Apple Fall, only Newton asked the Question why.

-Bernard Baruch

Since the beginning of Mankind we have come across so many Evolution, Evolution in terms of Technology, Social, Political, and Economical but did we pondered ever, “What situation or Instinct gave rise to them?, Was it programmed or Was it a Result of Continuous Human Adaptability to their Surroundings.

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Was Sir Isaac Newton the only person who saw the Apple fall… No, Every individual with a sense of vision can realize that, but few questions Reality and in context to Isaac Newton the question raised the foundation for Classical Mechanics via Principia Mathematica which later was an Indirect foundation for Albert Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity”, that changed the concept of Time forever and brought a shift to Quantum Mechanics. The moral of the story is Change is initiated only when you start Reacting to Stimuli in Different Manner.

As a Famous proverb goes that “To achieve what you have never got, you need to do what you have never done”. To do what I have never done is a broad concept; it doesn’t have the limitation of hard work and determination, rather most of my destiny is based on my Response to Stimuli and often weaves a difference between, what I am Capable of Becoming and where actually I am.

Charles Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection: An Approach of Nature as how Humans Evolved based on External Stimuli

Evolution is based on the same approach as to how nature responded in context to human Evolution when they came up with external stimuli, but a question remains that was the evolution Intellectual based or Adaptability based. Well, it was an Intellectual Adaptability process that brings out the most favourable change at that point of time. Change is the only constant in life but where does it take; you are the one who needs to decide. Well, talking about human evolution it’s still in going on.



Thomas Edison often considered to be one of the greatest Inventors of the modern era is a classic example of how reacting differently can be a foundation for an Invention.

“As Edison told that every time he failed he thought of it as one step towards the objective and finally after 1000 attempts, Light bulb was invented”.

The learning is how Thomas Edison took his every Failure, The way he reacted changed his entire life, In fact, it became a stepping stone that led to the milestone.


Walt Disney a name that needs no introduction, but has faced so many rejections during his early years, today it becomes difficult to get it down that he was rejected by a newspaper editor because he felt, he lacked Creativity and Imagination. He went bankrupt so many times before he got recognized as a face of Disney and Creator of the cartoon character “Mickey Mouse”. The special thing with Walt Disney was his keep on going attitude that resulted in the change in his fortune.



Best was once regarded as one of the greatest dribblers in the history of the sport, but due to his lack of persistence towards his game and his alcoholic behaviour, he soon faced the downfall in his career and life. He was even imprisoned for drunk driving, assaulting a police officer, and failed to answer bail, and even banned from driving for twenty months. What leads to all these situations in his life was his negative reactions… He got the opportunity but he didn’t sustain his success.


The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful your life will become”.


  • It’s totally up to me how I react or respond to a situation. If I react, I will be the victim but if I respond I will live my life positively.
  • Rather than waiting for others to fix things for me, I need to take actions to respond to my life.
  • A situation really has no meaning until I add my thoughts to it. It can be a positive situation, a negative situation or a situation with no consequences.
  • Every hardship presents an opportunity to me, it’s up to me to recognize and use it rather than letting it go.

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