As we near the end of summer, what are you proud to have done, started, or changed in your life?

Maybe you started writing that BIG proposal to a new client…

Or finally finished organizing your garage…

Or simply gave yourself more time and space to be present with your family this summer…

While I’ve always been someone who doesn’t need an excuse to have a good time, I realize that celebration is largely lacking in our everyday lives. Even some special events like birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations, getting together has often become obligatory rather than celebratory. 

I believe that there are special moments in life that are meant to be honored and celebrated.

…from eventful milestones like the birth of a new child or a promotion at work to everyday wins like making all the green lights when you’re running late or scoring a major sale at your favorite store!

Yet, we often feel like we need to accomplish something BIG to be worthy of acknowledgment. And the saddest part is that once we finally achieve these giant goals, rather than making time to celebrate our wins, we tend to make excuses like…

“Oh, it’s not a big deal…anyone could have done that!” (Diminishing)

“I’m too busy to stop and celebrate now. There’s always something else to do!” (Avoiding)

“Won’t others think I’m selfish if I brag about what I’ve done?” (Fearing)

And the excuses drone on…

When we are diminishing, avoiding, or fearing our life, we stop living it.

Instead of living by these sabotaging messages, it’s time to:

STOP diminishing who you are and what you do

NOTICE your positive contributions and everyday wins, and

CELEBRATE what’s amazing and even ordinary about your life!

Let’s start here together!

How Do You Celebrate?

What special traditions have you created to honor significant moments? Maybe you always order red velvet cake on your birthday or sing the Star Spangled Banner out loud as a family before the Super Bowl. Whatever makes these moments special, cherish and appreciate them!

If you want to create some celebratory customs of your own, take a moment and consider the following:

  • What special events are important in your life? Which ones are you already celebrating? Are there any that need more attention?
  • How do you like to be acknowledged? What makes you feel appreciated? (e.g. verbal praise, personal gifts, planned surprises, private dinner, etc.)
  • If you could spend the day doing anything your heart desired, what would you do?

Based on these responses, take the time to dream up a new way to celebrate and consider who’s support you may need to enlist. I’d love to hear what you create!

And if you need a little celebration motivation, just click here and sing along with Kool & The Gang sang as we Celebrate Good Times…Come On!

Create a great day…and CELEBRATE it!

Leslie Bosserman, M.Ed., CPCC

Executive Coach + Lifestyle Strategist for Millennial Leaders + Managers

Originally published at on August 1, 2018.

More About Leslie

Leslie M. Bosserman, M.Ed., CPCC, is an Executive Coach + Lifestyle Strategist designing customized leadership solutions for Millennial Leaders and their Managers. With a background in strengths-based leadership development and applied positive psychology, she runs a multi-disciplinary practice called Lead With Intention where she coaches, trains, and consults with clients around the world.

Leslie works with a variety of clients ranging from top executives at worldwide corporations to creative entrepreneurs and non-profit teams. She is an avid artist who also enjoys traveling, karaoke, cooking ethnic food, writing in local coffee shops, and practicing yoga. She also recently launched The Makers Place™ — Sacramento’s first professional coworking space with onsite childcare!

Leslie lives in Northern California and travels internationally for coaching, organizational trainings, and retreat facilitation. You can connect with her onFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Medium or send her an email at [email protected]to learn how to partner together.


  • Leslie M. Bosserman

    Founder and Executive Coach

    Lead With Intention®

    Leslie M. Bosserman, M.Ed., CPCC is an Executive Coach and Lifestyle Strategist for innovators and creative professionals leading dynamic and diverse teams. As a creative thought leader, Leslie has spoken at TEDxEustis and is currently writing a book on a decade of research around the science of Emotional Endurance. After working for a decade in higher education and student development, Leslie launched Lead With Intention® – a boutique coaching and consulting practice that specializes in leadership coaching, customized training, and organizational strategy for clients and their teams around the world. She collaborates with a range of creative professionals from entrepreneurs launching their startups to executive leaders at Fortune 500 Companies. Leslie is committed to enhancing her local community and co-created and launched The Makers Place™ with her husband. As the regions first coworking space with onsite childcare, this innovative multi-use space supports parents who need a professional workspace along with flexible childcare options. She also currently works as the Director and Site Supervisor of Mini Makers™ Preschool. Leslie has also served locally on the leadership team for TEDxSacramento as the Event Coordinator and volunteered as a coach for emerging female leaders through The Women's Impact Alliance (formerly The Coaching Fellowship). As a two-time UCLA alumna, Leslie graduated with her Bachelor’s in Mass Communications (B.A.) and a Master's of Education (M.Ed.). She is also trained as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through The Co-Active Training Institute, international leaders in Coach Training and Leadership Development. Before becoming a Professional Coach, Leslie worked at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she taught leadership and diversity classes as well as ran a campus-wide Leadership Certificate Program for over 500 students, faculty, and staff members. She also has worked professionally in residential life and academic research at UCLA and in Public Affairs at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory under the U.S. Department of Energy. Leslie loves to travel and explore new places and has visited over 30 countries, including living abroad in the Middle East for a year where she volunteered at local schools in Amman, Jordan with her husband. She is an avid artist and creative who also enjoys karaoke, cooking ethnic food, supporting local coffee shops, and practicing yoga. Leslie is a novice pickleball player and an expert bargain shopper! She lives in Northern California with her husband and three young children, and travels internationally for coaching, organizational trainings, and retreat facilitation.