We have often heard that in life success and failure both are the two sides of the same coin.

The year 2020 has shown us a lot to swallow.

With covid, economies tanked and jobs gone.

Millions and Billions of people sunk in despair and gloom

Our soul asked how much more I can take, How much more I can stand.

This is a story of me an engineering student graduating in 2020 who is full of hopes for the upcoming future.

But who would have known that I have to face such hardship along with other millions of people graduating this year.

I was placed as a Software Developer in a fine company with a decent salary.

Getting my first paycheck gave me a new experience of life. This was the day when I felt more confident, more independent.

This was the beginning of 2020 for me.

But as few months went by and covid-19 became a global pandemic.

The whole nation went to a complete lockdown. I was laid off like others in this tragedy.

I felt sad and miserable. I was sinking deep into depression.

Who is to blame?

Someone will say it’s my company’s fault, others will say bad luck due to covid.

Well, I can not blame others. Whatever happens, happens for good

After sitting at home locked from the outside world for a month slowly my depression was vanishing. I was getting bored at home.

Then a small change happened inside.

I resolved to learn any skill that can make me survive at least, even though I was with my parents totally dependent on them.

I had some interest in designing and started watching web designing.

Then I tried on Fiverr, made a gig, and miraculously I landed on some work.

I tried to give my best to this gig. Luckily my first client became a very good friend.

Then I started approaching friends. Next, I was able to make some money even though it was little but was enough so that I can survive.

Surely the saying “You lose when you stop fighting” worked here.

I didn’t gave up and was continuously discovering new skills every day.

Only a few days are left to the year 2020.

And here I am working on providing content writing + web designing services to my client.

I even started my own technology blog DisplayOwl where I write on display technologies, TV and Monitor guides.

Within 1 year I switched my career from Software Developer to Digital Marketer


This is the gist of what I have gone from in the year 2020. I hope the ones who are yet to recover from the covid-19 depression find my story inspiring.

I have learned a very strong lesson to never give up in life.

Surely the universe listens to those who dare to ask for more