There is no quick fix to having a successful and happy life. Life is what we say and think it is, and so it is for each of us. When I realised that life is continually evolving and changing, whether in perceived good or bad ways, it is only changing because that is its inherent nature.

We live in a world of duality. We cannot know anything except for in relation to something else, therefore life is made up of experiences that can be deemed either positive or negative. Neither are anything in and of themselves, apart from what we decided they are.

How many times have you become more, realised more about yourself and grown as a person through challenges and adversity? Does that make the experience inherently bad? We may not have chosen the form in which the challenge came but we can generally meet it and rise from it depending on our strength of character and outlook on life.

When we can see all up’s and down’s as potentials for growth, learning and evolution of consciousness then we stop taking the ebbs and flows personally and start living within the parameters of the natural ways of life. No-one can go through life without any challenges or adversity to face.

We live in dual world where all things are possible and this gives us the opportunity to grow, help others and share our gifts or slide further into the darkness of depression and feeling like a victim of life.

We’ve all got a story to share, a life changing experience that shaped who we have become and through that pain and adversity we have the power to change ourselves and maybe even the lives of others.

I can think of several examples of tragic human experiences that have brought healing and growth to others because of the suffering and compassion it revealed within the person who shared it as their gift to help others. Oprah Winfrey, Anita Moorjani, and Dr Joe Dispenza among others come to mind.

When we put down our sword so to speak, and stop fighting our way through life we can realise that things are happening for our growth and evolution rather than happening to us as a perceived punishment . Life is giving us exactly what we need even although we don’t realise or appreciate it at the time.

Taking time to be mindful, self aware and open to what life brings allows space for us to be more accepting of whatever is brought to us. It can be challenging to see these as gifts at the time, however through our darkest times we can be hopeful of finding light.

Out of our darkest moments light can be revealed