Travelling in and out of our comfort zones has become the latest fashionable vacation resort for many entrepreneurs. The buzz on the cable is: You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new – Brain Tracey. Robert Kiosaki says: Find your comfort zone. Then leave it.

There is an endless list of smart sayings, quotes and words of seeming wisdom around this topic of comfort zones. If you want to progress in life, or if you want to succeed in your business, get out of your comfort zone now! It has become such a popular phrase that I reckon soon, it will become a cliché – to avoid.

It seems that humans are prone to comfort and spend many years and large amounts of money seeking it, and when finding it, they enjoy it for as long as possible. From comfortable beds, to foods and room temperature, we really are creatures of comfort.

And yet, as soon as we acquire our luxuries and comforts we are advised to go out and do some exercise, eat healthier and don’t be such a couch potato already, and move!

The Channel-Changing-Sofa-Surfer

Remember, how the TV turned you into a channel-changing-sofa -surfer? There was something so comforting about coming home from a stressful conveyer belt day at the office, and flopping down on the sofa with a takeaway pizza, a glass of wine, and the remote control firing away in your other hand.
I am sure we have all indulged in switching off our brains and turning on the TV? Then, we are advised that this could lead to an early death from lack of movement, bad posture and unhealthy eating and drinking habits. No wonder that confusion and overwhelm often drive us back to our comfort zones. Nothing sinful in falling into your comfort zone but we have to distinguish between comfort that dumbs us down and comfort that re-charges us.

The Digital Nomads Are Coming

Today, we talk about digital nomads and solo entrepreneurs reaching burnout and experiencing isolation sickness. Yet, if you go to any co-working bar or café nearly everyone is switched on to his or her fav social media sites. Scanning and surfing over café is cool. 
We humans are such social animals. We need each other, some more and some less than others, but we all need human social connections.
It is clear that building relationships, face to face or through social media is key to our future relationships, both business and personal. People want and need attention from each other. Connection and engagement are the indices that writers, speakers and anyone with a message to share works towards.

The Anti-Burnout Clinic

As I see it, our comfort zones are actually essential healing zones. I believe it is a place to take a break from every day stress. Almost like a lounge, in which to nourish ourselves and even flourish a little. Like taking a vacation or a weekend away to re-charge our batteries and pause from our hectic lifestyles. Many entrepreneurs struggle with managing their time and then go into overload mode. Hitting overdrive often leads us to break down or crack up, forcing us to stop from physical or mental dis-orders. And once again, almost ironically, there we are standing in front of the door, to our comfort zones.

Tightrope Walking Isn’t For Everyone.

Yes, life is too short to be comfortable all the time but a little comfort does you good! In the end, we want to find the balance between work and play. The key, I think is to remember that balance in our lives is a mobile wave-like entity. There must be some flexibility. Many of us solo entrepreneurs find that balancing act challenging and sometimes treacherous. Some of us leave it too late and then the impact on our health and wealth sets in hard.

Awareness and solutions are available to show us how to appreciate and manage our lives. To tell us the obvious that we need to value our time and energy during our short life on earth.

What will be the next social addiction that will be defined as a comfort zone? I personally don’t know. What I am conscious of is the importance of not complicating our precious time and energy.

My philosophy is: to live simply so that others can simply live.

Georgia Varjas is a speaker coach who helps female entrepreneurs really Step Up & Stand Out through developing excellent writing and speaking skills, so she can be heard, understood and believed.

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