I found myself in an emotionally difficult situation recently. I had an emotional breakdown …and soon after I discovered an amazing truth. I had recently learned a process which I’ve put into practice which allows me to “ feel the feels”, in doing so I asked myself these questions. First, Why do I feel this way? How did I get here? What can I do in this moment to create a higher vibrational energy?( this energy awakens the good during a bad encounter).  After being honest with myself about these questions, I then do the most important step, I forgive myself, as I know I’m a continuous work in progress! I am exactly where I need to be emotionally, and that is ok.

Pain is generally associated with bad past experiences that has infiltrated itself into our present experiences.

Confront the pain. Pain is generally associated with bad past experiences that has infiltrated itself into our present experiences. First we must accept the past and be ok knowing that in that very moment we are being taught something. Usually we are being taught to love more effectively. It isn’t always about what we receive from such experiences, but what we learn in order to be more giving. So when those feelings come around again we can begin to practice giving in a moment which insist on our pain.

The crazy yet beautiful thing about change is that we pray for it to come.. but when it does come, we often disregard it. We disregard it because we do not recognize the form that  it has come to us in. So we shut down emotionally never fully succumbing to the experience, we miss the opportunity to learn and grow in exchange. 

Our very pain is an indicator that something needs to be assisted and/or adjusted within us. It’s so easy to give the responsibility of this pain to others to manage… but in doing so, we never recognize the change needed to be made in our own hearts.

For over a decade now, I’ve measured my love walk using the simple yet effective philosophy of a popular Christian quote, it says, “When we pray for patience,God doesn’t give us patience, no, He gives us the opportunity to be patient”.

In my case, in prayer and petition  over one year I was seeking God to show me the fullness of what love is within me. I’ve prayed to be able to communicate this more effectively in my relationships. In this specific scenario of my meltdown, I was given the opportunity to be an incandescent form of love and I was afraid because of past pain.

Like the quote above, God wanted me to acknowledge the opportunity to be the very love I prayed for. But then I thought, if He were to just have handed me this deeper level of love, like handing over a certificate of some sort, I’d obtain it without understanding. And without understanding I would miss the opportunity given to me to change. It was a spiritual moment of awakening. In moments of such a great awakening, we learn how to be of service to others and to ourselves. Like a parent teaching a child to ride a bike he encourages us to keep trying until we understand things in a way that identifies uniquely with who we are and how we love. 

Evermore, God’s angels will be around to assist us, on call whenever we may need them. Angels have different assignments in which they are called to assist. There are here to help us love more effectively, communicate more effectively, some even help us to identify acknowledging the beauty that surrounds us, and once made aware it’s astounding! These angels are simply assistant, they  have names! And the most amazing awakening in my life is when I learned I have my very own access to them whenever we seek guidance, strength and clarity in life.

For my situation today, I called upon Raphael and Gabriel. Jophiel interceded on her own will,  and I accepted them all as a divinely appointed guiders in that moment, helping to guide me back to peace and understanding. They imparted on me great wisdom and clarity during and after my emotional breakdown. And through the love and forgiveness, this resonates with me most: “The act of love is loving in the form of the love that we are- this is who we are, and that is enough.” We are all an amazing work in progress. So be ok with feeling the feels within the moment, however, don’t miss the opportunity to also cease the moment. In simpler words just relax, just be.