“Life is like a …….”. We would have come across this phrase at least once in our life. Common replies for these will be like , “ Life is like an ice cream”, “Life is like a ocean”, “Life is like a game” and the list keeps going on. Each individual answer depends on the things they see in their day to day life or it depends on their favorite likings.
I recently went to an interview and the recruiter asked me “ What can life be compared with?” . At that moment, I saw the bright sky outside with beautiful fluffy clouds from the window and immediately answered that life can be compared with the vast sky. He gave me a pen and paper and told me to think deeply for few minutes and write a brief explanation for relating sky with life.
I wanted to share the explanations which I wrote, so that it can help you to understand our life in a different perspective.

We are not alone in this universe

Beautiful sky withholds many gifts within. The Almighty has not left the sky empty. There is a Sun, a Moon , stars , clouds, meteors and rainbow. Each entity decorates the sky and makes it look adorable with its own presence.
Similarly, when we compare this to our life, we are not alone here in the universe. Almighty has surrounded each person with family, friends , relations, neighbors and colleagues. Their support helps us directly or sometimes indirectly to know more deeper about our self in many situations.
Whoever feel that they are alone with no one to understand them during their hard times , they should pause and think about the one person who made them smile with their company.

Handling positive/negative situations

Many events happen in the sky regularly. We see the beautiful sunrise, milky clouds, breathtaking sunset, soothing rain, glowing moon, glittering starts, vivid rainbow, delighting eclipses, amazing northern lights. At the same time, there are also some scary events like thunderstorms , hailstorms, lightning , tornados, hurricanes and cyclones .
Same things happen in our life too. There will be many occasions that brings peace and makes us happy . We get extremely rejoiced during those beautiful times. We will also undergo various negative situations in the life. It can break us to pieces and makes us weak.
Our life is filled with positive and negative moments. We all have a courage that is hidden within ourself. Identifying that courage, helps us to handle various situations in an efficient way.

Understanding the flow of life

Every time , the appearance of the sky doesn’t look the same. There will be some days, where we could see a clear sky which is bright blue during summer time . The view itself will fill us with an instant energy shining our day. During monsoons, the bright sky is gone , and all we could see is a gloomy sky with numerous passing clouds.
As a human , we all have deeper thoughts. When the life is smooth , we feel everything is set right but we fail to thank for those perfect gifted moments. But , if there is a curve in our life , we start to complain over the things that makes us sad. We forget to think that one day the curve will be straightened and vanished like passing clouds.
Every moment in our life is already planned by our Almighty . Understanding this flow can motivate anyone to be mentally strong at the same time will help them to find a purpose for living.

You are free to compare life with anything as you wish. But remember to resonate genuinely ,so that it will help to change the perspective of life in a far better way.