Photo by luizclas from Pexels

Living (to me), is going through the changes that the universe brings to us, being adaptable, resilient, and yeah, still seeing the good in each day.

It’s enjoying that smell of coffee wafting through the kitchen, the slurpy dog kisses in the morning or purrs, it’s the morning radio that you listen to on the way to work, the banter of your workmates, the salad or sandwich you hurriedly eat at lunchtime, that sigh of relief at the end of the day, and the beautiful sunset, it is the ebb and flow, faith, and love that we get every single day.

It is keeping a sense of joy, wonder, and gratefulness. Offering kindness and wisdom to those who are now traveling a road that we once were on. A well-traveled road that sometimes felt like we were all alone.

Appreciating differences, learning, loving each other. Growing ourselves spiritually and mentally. Embracing change. Being someone of integrity. Putting something of value out there, finding purpose and passion and being true to yourself in what you do and how you treat others.

When you come from a place of joy, abundance, and love, you bring in love and the same. When you live in darkness and hate, you bring in the same into your world.

I am not the epitome of merry sunshine every single day. I’ve had my heartaches too, we’ve all had to deal with something.

Life is about letting go. It is discovering that sometimes the pretty package that turns our heads holds nothing inside, it’s simply an empty box.

In my own life, I had to surrender, knowing that while bittersweet, it was for my greater good. Heartbreaking, yes, but a lesson I will not forget. One in surrendering my will to a higher power. We take a deep breath, trust, and throw it out there while taking a wobbly step. Now, we may falter, we darn well might break our necks, but fall or not, we learn.

Living is finding happiness (within you) even in a difficult time, letting yourself cry, not being bitter, and loving yourself enough to know when you’ve given all that you had, but you cannot force mother nature. You have to turn and walk away. It is finding the strength to do so and build something better for yourself.

It is finding your truth and knowing what to walk towards next.

Chin up. You’ve got this.