Life loves you. It really does. Life’s your biggest fan. Your prayers are already answered.

You might not believe it, but life wants the very best for you, and life wants you to have whatever you want.

If you don’t have what you want it’s because you don’t trust life.

And it’s lack of trust in life that makes life so difficult.

Just stop fighting.

Let life prove to you just how much you’re loved and just how valuable you are.

When I was young I didn’t trust myself, others, or life, and was scared of everything because of extreme self-doubt.

As I got older and ignored these things, the insecurity, fear, self-doubt, and lack of trust in myself grew and intensified…

And I chased wealth, materials, and other things to try to make those feelings stop.

I even tried to eat and drink myself out of pain and became a 300-pound, suicidal alcoholic with no self-worth or self-value.

When I decided that I had enough and was exhausted from running, I turned the spotlight inward and that’s when I began to heal and realized all of those feelings were false.

That’s when I realized that by feeling and embracing them instead of running from and trying to escape them, they would dissolve.

As the lack of trust, insecurity, and self-doubt dissolve, new clarity, courage, and confidence take their place.

Nothing outside of me can resolve those lower-level feelings and conditions.

But to stop running and feeling and understanding all of them made all the difference.

Everything you want is already inside of you.

It’s the fight you’re fighting that’s keeping everything just out of reach.

But it’s right there waiting for you to trust and allow.

You’ve never needed to fight.

And the most difficult work you’ll ever experience is just giving up the addiction to fight for what’s already yours.