Good morning mumpreneurs and Female Entrepreneurs from sunny Turkey. I am on my summer vacation in Turkey where I am blessed to have a holiday home… my dream of a holiday home in Turkey came true about 3 years ago and was able to tick that of my dream list and vision board…my kids absolutely love it… as you can imagine…


We hve the flexibiltiy of enjoying our summer home, with a beautiful pool and amazing food and mummy continues to work if I want to… it’s a laptop lifestyle in its truest sense!

So prior to my holiday, I sent my 6 year old, Saira, for swimming lessons as I was so keen for her to be able to swim when we get here. Having a 9 month old means that I have to now divide time between the two as they both need my attention and in Sairas case, wants my attention and Saira being able to swim will make things that much easier during pool time. Unfortunately, the independent, private lessons did not teach her to swim. I have no idea why but she lost all confidence in swimming, wanted to continuously be held in the pool and I was £300 down (she had 30 lessons by the way). The girls teaching were quite young. I have a feeling that they weren’t being overly positive in the pool. I also feel that they are a business and have targets to hit so the longer they keep them at that level, the more I would be forking our money. I soon realised and decided to take her out and teach her myself.

so, we arrived in Turkey a week ago today and I have literally been putting her in the pool everyday… in the last 7 days, she has gone from swimming whilst being held to independent swimming across the pool (no floats or armbands-yay)! We have now moved onto jumping off the side with no help – RESULT. We put daily goals in place, we would establish what we want to achieve and what would happen is we reached that goal… and as we had something to work towards, our main focus was to just work towards that goal…

As I was helping her to swim, I noticed that this really has such similarities to entrepreneurs who are looking to start/grow their businesses. What I hear so often is Female Entrepreneurs saying that they have FEAR. They fear starting a business. They fear that their business may not grow or attract clients. They fear taking risks..they fear about what people may say… they fear that they may come across arrogant to others and the list goes on…

Saira also had fears… she had fear of drowning, she had fear of not being able to swim, she had fear that I would let go, she feared what others may say when she was trying…

But I gave her the confidence and support and continuously reminded her that I will not let go, I will Support her until she reached her goals, I will cheer her along and repeat that she can do it… and guess what, we reached our goals, she is so confident that she just wants to jump in and go for it, she puts new goals in place each day and she works so hard, focuses and makes it happen!

In business, if we have someone supporting us, cheering us along, telling us we can do it, reminding us why we are doing it, then our results are phenomenal. Something truly magical happens to us, we become unstoppable. But as soon as that stops or something negative comes our way, we get blocks, we get limiting beliefs, we sometimes can’t get past that…and that’s when we fail…

But we are not going to fail…failure is not an option… we have made the decision that we want to work for ourselves, we want to be our own boss… so don’t let your fears get the better of YOU.

You control your fears, they come into your mind, you can push them out…

Remember ladies, we all get the fears… even the most established and influential women in business have those fears… but if your reason for being here is big enough, your desires and dreams are what you want to achieve and non negotiable then fight those fears!

This is why I set up The Network of Female Entrepreneurs, so we as women in business have the continuous support and cheerleaders to help and support you in your business… and if you’re ready to really take it further and make a huge impact, then invest in a businsss coach and really see how life changes for the better!

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Much Love

Simi x


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