It’s not linear.

Life is a series of open and shut doors and forks in the road. It is a messy sequence of intersecting pathways and decisions. Your ability to navigate life with success and gusto is predicated on the choices you make…over and over again. That ability resides in today. New day? New choices!

There is a sweetness that exists on the flip side of endings. Perhaps it sounds cliché, yet endings really do jumpstart beginnings. You just need to cross the threshold between the two. That is the hardest part.

What changes in your life when you embrace the stand out moments between one choice and the next? Do you stand out and move forward in the process?

Here are 3 ways to stay in motion between the No’s and the Yes’s in your life:

Calendar in gratitude and success: Every Sunday night give yourself 30-60 minutes to reset your perspectives. Ask and answer the following questio

What am I happy about this week? What worked? How can I do more of that?

Who or what am I thankful for? How does that make me feel? Did I express that?

What were the highlights of my week?

Once you answer those questions use your calendar to lean into more of the things that worked best. Make time to thank others, reward yourself for the successes and wins you did incur by doing something you love, and planning for it. This habit of being mindful of the positives will support you in doing more YES driven activities. Build upon this action step every Sunday by also reflecting on the gratitude and success action steps that you are committing to. This will switch your mind -and – heart conversation to a more positive and accepting one.

Find your next great thing: Remember that on the flip side of an ending is the opportunity to drive a new possibility. As humans, we get caught up in that next thing being something that we can be successful at and master in the short run. Our fears of not accomplishing with gusto what we most want to excel at often block us from taking on the task at all. So, if you are like most people and you are making a ton of excuses for not writing that book, or seeking that new job, or starting to date again, or simply trying something you have never done before…STOP.

Your next great thing or things are just over the bridge between your excuses and your actions. You have the time, money, or knowledge to have some small piece of what you are dreaming about! Seek out that small piece.



What can you do right now? Where can you say YES to YOU? Tap into this every morning and reflect on it at the end of each day. At the end of the week string together all the small steps you took. I know you will be closer to manifesting what’s now and what’s next in your life!

Balance TODAY: Today is your day! It is the only one that you have in which to make choices and decisions that will successfully alter the legacy you most desire. Balance is about your relationship to yourself and your relationship to the variables in your life in the current moment. Which means that every day is a new opportunity to rebalance and reset your success. Get in the habit of asking yourself these two important questions each day and documenting your answers:

In the morning ask yourself: How may I USE today? List 3 ways.

In the evening ask yourself: How did I USE today? Track your results.

Repeated each day, this practice will enable you to not only more effectively use each and every day, but it will also make you mindful of what you are allowing into your life and where you are spending your time and energy. It will allow you the space and place to step forward into life on the flip side of whatever ending you have endured.

For more on how to balance your life, especially after an ending, take my FREE How to Balance Your Life self-guided challenge. Download it here.


  • Randi Levin

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