I am fond on reading articles especially self-improvement. They always say “find your purpose”, “make these things to make your life meaningful”, “recognize what are the most important things in your life to live fully”, bla bla bla bla. But, these are not enough, they are too shallow. In fact, it’s not that easy to find our purpose. It’s too difficult. Now, What life is really all about for? Is it growing up, play, go to school, earn a degree, work, have a family, and die? These are the things I question to myself. I’ve observed a lot of people, including me anyway, that we follow what everyone does, what we so called, the most common life cycle. In this article, I will share to you my realizations.

” Nothing is certain but only three, BIRTH CHANGE and DEATH “

We all born in this tiny green dot called EARTH, from a cute baby we all grow up as a child, as a teen and as an adult, as we aged, things are also changing in us, the world is also keep on changing and we are part of this change, we get old, and eventually will die. We will soon disappear and leave this world with no mark but only those dear people who know us but will soon forget us. Because of this realization, I found a purpose which is to write the things that don’t realize and not given much attention by others.



Everyday, we live as if we live forever

Everyday, we wake up, prepare for school or work, return home, sleep, eat, drink, talk, think, play, respond to nonsense emails, spend time on social medias, UNCONSCIOUSLY. We are not conscious with our time, we just do the things that we routinely do everyday. We waste our time for nonsense things, we spend our time to things that can’t give benefit on us. I can’t deny that I do this everyday. However, I spend most of my time on reading to earn knowledge which sometimes become nonsense because of my inaction.

We should have a time to reflect

There’s a point in our life that we force ourselves to reflect because of the worst thing happened. This is wrong! WE SHOULD REFLECT EVERYDAY. Why? To remind ourselves that we will just spend our time to the things that are worth to our time to spend with. Get it? We should not be lazy, our life is too short, keep being conscious!



We give less attention to our loved ones

Are we aware on this? Perhaps yes and perhaps we know. We know that we ignore them, we know that we spend less time on them, we know that we give less attention on them, we know! Someday at some point, we will regret that we give them less important over other things. We will regret that we hold hatred on them, we will regret that we haven’t kept in touch with them, we will regret that we didn’t give them a call, we will regret that we haven’t asked them of these two three words, “HOW ARE YOU, ARE YOU OKAY?”, we will regret that instead of spending the time with them, we spend it to other things or other people who apparently don’t care on us.



Nothing is impossible. Only our fears make things impossible

Am I the only one who make a decision based on fears? Of course not! We are many, there’s many of us. You know what, if we only try to think, we can be whoever we want to be, we can be whatever we want to be, we can do whatever we want to do, if only if we don’t let our fears to defeat us, we can. It’s easy to say “don’t let your fears hinder you”, but the truth, it’s so difficult.



Our mind is so scary

Negative. Negative. Negative. Super negative. Very negative. Extremely negative! I am very disappointed to introduce this disappointing negative, our THOUGHTS. I’m tired of this and I’m dying of wanting to end this negativity. It’s exhausting, it’s…. Urgh. It’s difficult but we need to overcome it.

We are selfish human being “

Self-absorbed, self-centered, narcissist, whatever the same meaning with selfish. We focus so much to ourselves. This is good but not to extent that we degrade others to make ourselves look great in everyone’s eyes. Embarrassing, belittling or insulting others is what I’ve witnessed of my whole life. Other example is stealing someone’s thunder instead of giving them credits and appreciation . OMG, this is gross.



No one is perfect

No individual is perfect, no organization is perfect, no relationship is perfect, no family is perfect, no friendship is perfect, no lover is perfect, noone is perfect! So, accept it. I’m not perfect and I accept it.


These are just common realizations that we know but we are not conscious. Please feel free to share yours, I will highly appreciate it.

” How will the world make realizations using only one mind? “