If only you could take it all back—or get a do-over.

But, you can’t. You made that bed, and you’ve been lying in it for a long—long—long time.

Maybe it was something you said or did causing another harm. Maybe you could have tried harder. Or maybe you didn’t try at all.

A life filled with regret is excruciatingly painful. Feelings of guilt, shame, or loss can overwhelm you temporarily or for years. It’s 20/20 hindsight saying, “If only I’d (fill-in-your-blank).”

“You must come into a space where you love your life and then everything can flow.” — Mellen-Thomas Benedict (NDE)

Essentially, it’s failing to forgive yourself for what appeared to be a choice—even if the end result was beyond your control. Even if you did the best you could at the time.


If you think the energy it takes to stay angry at another person is life sucking, here’s what blaming yourself does to you and your body:

  • You remain stuck in a cycle of negative looping cognitive and emotional energy.
  • Self-focused, ruminative thinking retards personal growth and evolution.
  • The body experiences chronic stress, impeding functionality and self-healing.
  • Self-absorption keeps you from being of service and a blessing to others.
  • You are unable to move into higher states of consciousness that allow for a more rewarding and fulfilling life.

Maybe you’re like famous French singer Edith Piaf, who sang, “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien.” (I Have No Regrets). Sooner or later, you will get a chance to find out the truth for yourself.

Many people who’ve had near-death experiences (NDE) report experiencing a full life review.

Bridging the gap between the physical and the Spirit world, medium and Adventures of the Soul author, James Van Praagh says, “Upon returning to the spiritual home, each one of us will go through a review – seeing, feeling and living every single experience we lived out on the earth school. We will “relive” every thought, action, and word we created about one another and ourselves. If we treated someone unkindly, we will experience it from their point of view.

The mechanics work like this: Upon death, the veil (body) is removed. Time and space collapse so that all is seen and experienced in the present moment of now. Any judgment is once again only your own as you assimilate the wounded parts of yourself back into a state of wholeness.


According to a Psychology Today, there are positive benefits to the highest ranking negative emotion. Regret, as energy-in-motion, fulfills five functions. It leads you to seek out ways of:

  • making sense of the world,
  • avoiding future negative behaviors,
  • gaining insight,
  • achieving social harmony, and
  • improving ability to approach desired opportunities (presumably because we regret past passivity).

Fast forward to today, things are getting interesting. Many souls awakening out of the dream of separation are reporting experiencing life reviews while still fully in the body.

In other words, the veil is thinning and dissolving as we consciously assimilate in cosmic union with all Creation here on Earth rather than in the afterlife.

Integrity is synonymous with living in the Golden Age versus the deceit currently characterizing End Times separation consciousness.

In unity consciousness, instead of karma, you receive immediate feedback on the integrity of your thoughts, words, and action.

Out of alignment with your soul’s purpose, alarm bells go off immediately.

Many Golden Agers evolving into higher states of consciousness are experiencing the intense integration of the energy of past transgressions—not just in this lifetime, but of many lifetimes.

You may not know what the hell (literally) is going on, just that the pain is enough to cause you to double-over at times.

Wishing you could go back to ignorance-is-bliss isn’t going to make it so.

There’s no stopping your personal evolution as much as there is no stopping what’s happening on a global level as humanity struggles to reach toward the light.


The only way out of the weeds of your growing pains is through them directly. However, you don’t get extra credit for beating yourself up.

More important than the stories themselves is the letting go of the stories through forgiveness and reconciliation so that you can move on to the next highest and best version of yourself.

Indigenous Hawaiian healers have passed down the ancient practice of Hoʻoponopono for generations to restore harmony and balance.

As all of life is energy, for individuals, families, and communities to remain healthy, energy must flow. A ripple effect, forgiveness is vital to the well-being of not only communities but the entire Universe.

Hoʻoponopono is a simple four phrase mantra that opens your energy chakras to receive healing energy as you consciously seek to exchange wholeness for brokenness.

Likewise, if you’re having trouble forgiving others for past actions or ongoing hurtful behavior, Hoʻoponopono seems to flow both ways as a ritual that opens the hearts of those on the receiving and giving ends.


Many religions and even Alcoholics Anonymous recognize the importance reconciliation plays in allowing the individual to return to a state of wholeness.

What is wholeness but a state of love? If love is blocked within your being, love is blocked within the flow of all beings. Forgiveness is flow.

Making amends directly with others isn’t always possible. Many years may have passed, or someone may have transitioned.

Hoʻoponopono allows you to reopen the flow regardless of circumstances, even if the other party is unaware you are seeking peaceful, energetic resolution.

Make the Hoʻoponopono ritual yours as you like. It’s really about intention. You may wish to light a candle, burn incense, or burn a fire if you have space.

  • The process begins with your prayer.





  • Speak aloud all names as if you are speaking to each person.
  • State the transgression aloud or write it out on a slip of paper or both.
  • Allow for a period of silence.
  • Imagine white healing energy looping in a circular motion through your chakras, a white light extending from your heart to all hearts.
  • When you feel the transmission is complete, fully release and let go of any judgments.
  • End the event by burning your slip of paper, repeating your thanks.

Repeat this process for every regret and sorrow you have whether you’re responsible or not.

Hoʻoponopono is a miraculous ritual for healing in general including physical and mental health issues and financial problems.

You may wish to perform a general Hoʻoponopono on a regular basis for all subconscious and unconscious issues as part of your chakra energy maintenance routine.

Your brilliant future is here now when you let go and forgive despite appearances and circumstances.

A Course in Miracles teaches forgiveness offers everything you could ever want as it lifts the illusory veil revealing all that you need and want is already contained within you.

Forgiveness is the miracle that restores you to wholeness.

The miracle is you!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Article originally published: www.YourBrilliantFutureHereNow.com