Sometimes we do things we think are the correct things to do – what society, or others around us think we should do, but not what is our own true path. I’ve never relayed a Come-To-Jesus reading before, let alone two back to back recently. These salient messages are meant for us, so that hopefully we don’t have to go through our own wakeup call moment intended to get us on the path of why we chose this life.

I gave the readings to two close friends, both in their 60s. Human life expectancy is 78, so perhaps that’s why the guides felt the need to help urge them to the path, the chapter their Higher Self chose. We all know how fast 20 years feels when we look back. So, if not now, then when? When do we begin to live a more courageous life? The one our Higher Self chose, not what society might dictate?

The guides knew my friends could handle the messages because they know how they’ll react when they cross over at their Life Review on the Other Side. That they might have regrets if they don’t begin to make changes on how they live their lives – now.

Before I lost my mom years ago, the universe drew to me friends in high school and college who lost their moms, almost in preparation for my loss. Now though, my closest friends all have the opposite relationship with their moms that I had – strained, distant, not the best of friends, not liking their moms (which is different from loving them). And in one of these readings, one of the many urgent messages I had to relay, was “forgive mother and father.” And then, I was surprised when the guide said her 79 year-old mother will cross over. Of course she will, we all will. What I took from that was – this is an alert so that she can be awakened to help her mother lighten the emotional load, the baggage we humanly collect while here. To have the talks out that need to be had, like helping her mom unravel the onion layers around her spirit, so the soul can leave the body in a lighter fashion when it’s time to walk through that door.

The main Come-To-Jesus message was to help my friend get onto the path of why she chose this life for herself – of using a specific gift of healing she opted to bring with her. She was living her spouse’s life in recent years and the guide said, “He will be fine when he crosses over and does his Life Review, because he didn’t choose a bigger life, he will have lived a full live. But you will sit at the table and have regrets and wonder why did you even come down at all with this gift, and task, and not done anything about it?”

The guide continued on with precision as each message was hammered home, to my exhaustion in the two plus hours it took to relay. The tone was one of urgency, of love, a reminder that this is the life she chose, that she hasn’t opened up fully yet. When do we live our own true life? Not the life we think our spouse, friends, or what society thinks we’re supposed to live. If we change up our aura to a higher vibration, to our true calling, even if it’s not what society might do, those around us will shift. They will either raise their vibration up with us, or adjust to the new way we choose to live our life. It’s never too late to make the shift, however huge or insignificant that change may feel.

The guide said my friend hasn’t been happy, that when people feel her aura it’s not joy they immediately feel, but a host of more negative descriptors. That she’d had several wakeup calls in recent years intended for her to get on the path that she had designed for herself on the Other Side.

“How many more wakeup calls do you need?” the guide said. In an exhausting work schedule, my friend broke a leg, that had complications, forcing her to have down time. When no changes occurred towards her true life path, the universe recently had her laid off.

The guide said that was the latest wakeup call and added, “do you need the other leg to be broken?” to hit home the message that she will regret why she brought this special gift and hasn’t used it to the fullest to help as many people as she can. Their tone was ‘Why bother if you’re going to chicken out and live a life focused on your significant other?” That she lived her spouse’s life and not her own. They even said, “You love your spouse more than you love yourself.”

We often live for our spouses, our kids, or what we think society thinks we should react. I’ve seen people get married to people they did not love, for example, when they got someone pregnant, because that’s what society would dictate as the “right thing.” Years later, the union sure enough ended anyways, but only after more kids were conceived that were not planned, that they couldn’t afford, taking the people on a completely different journey than the one they intended to set out on. And they were back to square one anyways, and now, with resentment towards the other person for taking them on a path they didn’t plan to take.

In the end, we sit at the Life Review all by ourselves. That’s all that matters. Did we fulfill why we chose to come here in the first place? And not the course correction our life path took because society overruled our Higher Self?

Our family members here, right now, are not always our family in every lifetime. In the end, when we cross back over, it doesn’t matter if we shared the same DNA with someone here. What was important was the life story we designed – what life lessons we chose to learn or what roles we chose to play for others to help shape their lives and lessons.

As I saw in these two readings, one guide, her father, was very clear about why he chose that harsh role in life, saying, “Someone had to be the bad guy” that helped make my friend go the other way to a path of healing and kindness. On the Other Side, he was simply a spirit guide with an urgent loving message, not the same outer package of a bad role model that he chose to portray for her in her life story.

I’ve recently said to friends, if I never broke up with an ex, I never would’ve gotten into reading and helping others. Instead, I’d be planning lovely dinners and going to Fleetwood Mac concerts (that’s not even my top band) and not being bothered with other people’s lives, because I’m a naturally a curmudgeon and hermit. And the last six months of wakeup calls have pushed me even harder into this chapter, to help as many as I can with this gift I chose to bring this time. I don’t want to blame myself when I cross back over that I was too scared of what others might say, to do what I set out to do in my life. That I did not live my raison d’etre.

The day of the reading, while we were together, her spouse (a seasoned motorcyclist) had a very bad accident when his bike flipped in circles in the sky, missing crushing his body. The guide said, she was meant to be with me, getting this reading, when all this happened. She validated it by saying that she would’ve been on the bike and yes, that would have been the side of her good leg.

These two readings I gave were free. Mitzvahs. They were my soul mate sister friends and both are at a time where they were meant to get that reading. One message I thought was interesting, “When you cross over, it won’t matter how many healings you gave that were free or not free. Green pieces of paper don’t matter there.” Did she use her healing gifts to the fullest before crossing back over?

There is no distinction, a healing is a healing – paid or not. In fact, when you give a healing, you get one.

In the other reading, this friend is about to start a new chapter. She called because she was feeling out of it, scared, like life has ended. Her mother, her guide, showed the possibilities, saying that she once wanted to travel. I said, “Is that right? You wanted to do Eurail when you were younger but never did?” She validated that. This next beautiful chapter she can unfold is all about seeing the world and making enough money to do so. But the main message was her mother needed her to meet her half way energetically, so that she can help her from the Other Side. When my friend said she was feeling “beige” lately, her mother said, “You’ve been feeling grey.” She validated that was correct. Her mother needed her to raise her vibration to a higher level – to laugh and smile in the car daily, even when she’s not happy or feeling funny.

Have you ever noticed when you’re feeling upbeat and not caring about whether you meet a guy or girl, that’s when you meet someone? They can feel our positive energy and are attracted to it. Like attracts like.

I knew it was another Come-To-Jesus reading when she brushed her mother’s suggestion away and said, “I know, I know.” The reply was a forceful, “I’m not acting as your mother now, I’m acting as your spirit guide and I won’t come through again if you don’t listen. You’re pushing me away now, and you say you know, but you aren’t doing it. You’re not doing the spiritual work, the soul work.” She said she can help her, but she needs to do her share, raise up her energy to a positive one. So that good can come in. This included meeting new love in this wonderful chapter of travel.

These wake up call moments are tough. The require us to either choose to be more courageous, or stay in the status quo. It’s easy to stay the way things are – easier to be in a lower vibrational energy, to stay depressed or angry. Since it’s been so long, that higher vibe feeling of joy and good is foreign to us. We often bury our heads in the sand and continue along the way until perhaps the wake up calls get louder. And then sometimes it’s too late.

I’ve had my share lately and I’ve been listening, trying to push myself to live differently, more courageously. That includes reaching out to someone I lost touch with, who I didn’t realize I had anything left unsaid with. And it was a blessing – what their response was, though I didn’t do it for a reply. When we follow our true heart, not what society or people around us might say is the correct move for us, we can feel it in our heart that we’re on the right path. Our true path. Why we chose this life to begin with.

Sometimes we still stay in the old chapter because that’s the vibration we’re used to. So we don’t fully cut ties with an ex, such as keeping a house we should’ve sold or pets we still share, or any other tie as an excuse to not let go of that old chapter. It’s often because of fear of the future. We don’t have faith our wise guides know much better than we do and can see down the road, that the new chapter around the corner could be more wonderful than we imagined.

I recently forgave an ex in what was the last morsel of anger I held against him for years. He had no idea my mentioning him in a group email was that act. I let go of anger that he probably didn’t know I had for something that he’ll never ask for forgiveness about, since he isn’t self-aware. Now, there’s a total disconnect, freeing my energy to allow other beautiful souls to fully enter, souls more like-minded. The energy of anger, guilt, or lying to oneself, can be heavy. Living someone else’s life is heavy. It can also manifest physically. I lost weight I tried to lose in the last couple years – just in the last few months of this new more courageous way I’ve been trying to live, on what is my own true path.

Sometimes we’ve been through so much hardship in our own personal wilderness, we’ve become used to that lower vibrational energy, we don’t realize that the lessons have been learned, penance has been paid. And now, it’s time for a jubilant chapter of abundance for our own soul. Not for the others around us we took care of and did our duties and obligations. We did our part. It’s time to live our true path, the life we intended for ourselves, the life we strayed off from because life, people, society’s “norms” got in our way, and told us what to do and we were too afraid to take the road less travelled on.

Our guides can show us the doorway to the next chapter. They see the beautiful future that can unfold, if we just do the spiritual homework to kick the door through to a new, more fulfilled life. A life we will have no regrets about when we sit at our Life Review on the Other Side.

Sometimes we need these difficult and precious Come-To-Jesus moments to help push us there. To our best life. Of why we came here in the first place.


  • Kari is a writer and intuitive. The Go Beyond Here podcast is on iHeart Radio and in the U.K. on Podcast Radio, which also airs in London, Birmingham, Surrey, Manchester and Glasgow. She believes in using her gift to be of service, and is a frequent guest on radio stations including WBZ iHeart Radio, Boston, and KGO, San Francisco, giving free readings to listeners connecting loved ones and pets. She's also on stations around the country, Canada, and SiriusXM. Her readings are offered in the official GRAMMY gift bags to presenters and performers, and mentioned in Harper's Bazaar. She donates readings to charities that include William Shatner's Hollywood Charity Horse Show. Bylines incl.: PopSugar UK, Daily Telegraph (UK), Paste, KCET-TV, Kindred Spirit (UK). Guest blogs: Fastbikes (UK), Bike Rider (NZ), (AU).