I’m standing in a place where I can see and have a great view of my own life landscape. I can see everything clearly in the horizon. You can call it wisdom, or you can call it by any other name you want. It does not change the fact that I am now looking at the big picture of things, and seeing the big picture makes you a person free of making any petty judgments. In fact, any judgment on my part has turned into only pure compassion.

Looking at the small picture is always chaotic. However, when you think about it, its chaos is what make us go into a quiet corner to make sense of it all, and finally dealing with that chaos in our lives will bring us much order. Life is made up of chaos, and when we accept chaos in our lives, then life will ultimately give us good things.

In order to avoid chaos, I try not to cloud my life with a bunch of things to do that take me away from what I really should be focusing in on. Sometimes, we cloud our lives with junk in order to not focus on what we really want because we are too afraid of it. The fact is that fear is an enemy which will hold us back from all our potentials. So I try to fight back and instead, try to utilize fear to go forward. Actually, I think the best thing to do is to make a list of all our fears in all areas of our lives then try to face each one — even the worse of them, one by one. Look the fears in the eye, study them, deal with them in the best way you can. React to them, hate them, love them, challenge them, and then move on. Somehow, this way, fear tends to lessen its hold on us. When no more fear is present, this allows us to dare, to take a chance and take risks in life. Taking a risk means you have belief in yourself and you want to push forward. Have you ever looked at someone and that someone “won” something, but you didn’t? It could be only because you didn’t “buy a ticket,” so to speak, and that person did. I think we should always dare to “buy a ticket” and take a chance, for it is always the person who is not afraid and takes a chance; the person who risks; the person who goes against the odds; the person who is sometimes laughed at for trying something ridiculous in someone else’s eyes — that is the person who ends up winning at some point.

I also try not to live my life in denial, for the smart people are people who realize that life can throw them a blow, so they better be as prepared as they can be in order to prevent the impact from being too bad. I don’t go around expecting the worst every day — of course not. I just try to be realistic rather than live in denial. I consider the fact that life and people are not perfect, but what shows character is how each one of us deals with his or her own flaws. We all have flaws. We all have insecurities. We all have imperfection. Flaws are actually what give people character. It is what challenges a person to be the best she can be. People who are given a perfect situation in life are rarely people who excel. It is those people who are given a hard start that many times become the truly successful people and become the people with character and depth. The most important thing is to cherish your flaws — don’t hate them. Love them, and then work with them. Think of flaws as a ball of clay that you are given, and what you can make out of the clay determines what you make out of those flaws. This is important if we are to go forward in life and have clarity to be able to say, “I have learned enough in the class room of life and now I am allowed to leave, to go out and play and be free from fear, free to take a chance, free to be clear, free not to be in denial, free to give with the belief that it will not result in the end of everything.”

Every thing we put out today will come back to us somehow, somewhere. The universe has a way of balancing itself. We can trust that it will take care of us and be good to us. All I can do is be grateful for being here and being alive. I don’t have to over eat just because I am at an all-you-can-eat buffet of life. I can try a bit, leave a little behind, for only a person who is secure, clear, empty of fear and empty of denial, who is standing in a place of her life with the complete view of the big picture and everything in its horizon, can leave a little bit behind.

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Originally published at mahvashmossaed.com on June 10, 2013.

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