Take A Leap Of Faith

Can you remember the joyful feeling of limitless freedom and the endless possibility and carefree abandon we all once knew as children? When did we silently give our consent to settling for the mundane hum- drum existence most people call life?

Without noticing, many of us have created a default habit of submissively putting in time, shamefully counting down the daytime working hours to the end of each business day, counting the days until we finally achieve the ‘utopian’ goal of our paltry pre- allocated annual holidays!

Who decided that we should drag our often exhausted bodies from here to there, cramming more doing into less hours of being than ever before, dreading mornings as we prepare to spend our days in this groundhog reality, insanely chasing our tails in the never- ending hamster wheel of  modern life?

Survive or Thrive…….Choose!

When did we sign up to spend our entire lives struggling financially to simply put a roof over our heads, to put our children through a good education, while simultaneously attempting to fill our humble retirement pot? The silent fear of financial and personal dependence, an ever-present background threat, has cast a pervading shadow into our sub- conscious mind, poisoning the possibility of our tomorrows? When did our vision get to be so myopic, so limited and cemented into such an apologetic stranglehold of survival and struggle?

We’ve Forgotten Who We Are!

As children, we didn’t hesitate to question our capabilities. We didn’t know how to discern the difference between reality and fantasy. Our imagination knew no bounds and we lived firmly in the moment, with none of the addictive obsessive focus on the tomorrow’s which might never come, nor the repetitive enactment of the dramas of our yesterdays which could never return. We lived moment by moment in the present, without thinking!

Dare to Dream Again

People have become addicted, by and large, to obsessively focusing on anything but the present moment, the only real access we can ever hope to have to the manifestation of causal change. We have been seduced into an insomniac dream from which we are reluctant to stir, as to awaken would mean taking responsibility for the default reality we have been creating. To dare to dream of a larger vision in alignment with who we truly are as Divine co-creators, we would have to forget who we have allowed ourselves to be, as limited beings almost wholly identified with the Body Mind.

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”            William Shakespeare  

Unmask the Mask

In these times of global transformation, we are witnessing the hunger for truth and authenticity which ultimately reveals itself when the social mask is removed and the self within is laid bare. It is the most liberating act of self- expression, to expose the true nature of our innermost being, our innate spiritual truth.

When life is lived from a commitment to this greater self, there is a clarity, an empowerment, a gratitude, and an unstoppable force for positive change called into being. Then life truly becomes a winnable game to play, and you can choose who you will be, free from the shackles of limited thinking and pre-programmed behavioural patterns.

Visualize to Materialize

Just imagine for a moment, that you are embarking on this adventure of a lifetime, the fascinating and hugely fulfilling journey home to your ideal Self – the limitless being that you already are!  Once more, let yourself feel the excitement of taking the lid off all your old thoughts of disappointment, self-denial, and silent resignation to blissfully bask in the ocean of pure possibility again.

 Remember feeling the pure lightness of being, the hopefulness which has never known limitation and the expectation which laughs in the face of adversity. Imagine facing each day knowing that you are capable of manifesting anything you can powerfully envision and experience in that very moment.

Our World is Waking Up. It is Time!

 Resist the urge to press the snooze button to stay asleep at this extraordinary opportunity of global awakening.

I dare you to grasp this invitation to start the process of Self-discovery to Unleash Your Divine Potential on the World, to Say Yes to the Real YOU!