One is not grounded as one is ‘carried away’ by what others have done or what others have discovered. Instead of absorbing ‘pain and uncertainty’-one comes under the illusion as if someone else has comfortably solved it-thus keeps waiting, seeking.

Something troubles you; for something you are unable to find a rational, logical, satisfactory answer; something irritates you; something gives you feeling of insecurity, fear-to come to this point, to face in whatever form the discomfort, you experience ‘as it is’ takes you to the Truth. And not any ready made question-answers dished out by gurus or others about life. If you have the courage to ignore what attracts you by promising stable relief, pleasure-you are a candidate to touch the Original.

You are not perturbed due to any problem or problems but because you are settled.

Settled means your day, your activities are divided as compulsion and relief giving, entertaining. Life will never let you settle. It will prick you to explore, explore ‘what is True’.

One is so much attached to ‘relief’ offered by holidays, entertainment, religious and spiritual activities that one’s other days, other activities automatically become ‘compulsive’. This divide does not let one see ‘what is True’.