Life's Pleasures

Many of us are unhappy or dissatisfied with our lives.  We feel stuck in a life we don’t want.  Often this can be easily remedied by simply trying something new. Instead of bemoaning how horrible our life is, we need to take positive action to improve our own position.  

Appreciating small pleasures means trusting our own responses a little more and not seeing them as unnecessary distractions. We seem to obsess with long-term goals but in the process sacrifice our short term happiness for future gains. Enjoying short-term joyful activities actually contributes to our overall well-being and life satisfaction. 

By fully immersing ourselves in a pleasurable pursuit we contribute to our general happiness and encounter less stress and anxiety. We all  find these delights in a range of different experiences.  What works for one won’t necessarily work for another. So it’s important to remember and take notice of all the small things in life that boost our happiness and make us feel good. 

Being Dissatisfied

We’ve all had to live a less hectic lifestyle in recent times, being forced into finding value in things that make us happy, instead putting quality over quantity.  Many of us have had to cut back and just be content with what we have, living a simpler life, not one driven by possessions or status.

Sometimes we feel trapped because we don’t see the positive in our situation.  Try making a list of pros and cons to help give yourself complete clarity.  While it is important to be patient when we’re trying to get the things we actually want in life, it’s also important to be proactive – making a good list can be a great place to start.  

We need to know and accept the things that are out of our control.  By resisting what is, we are simply creating more stress.  Acceptance is a relaxation of the tension.  It helps us to develop a calm and peaceful inner self.

Learning to Appreciate

Maintaining a good mindset is probably the most important thing we can do for ourselves. This starts by us being grateful for what we have or have had.  If we don’t dwell on what we’ve lost, it can completely change our perspective and help us to realize that life is worth appreciating. 

It’s good to celebrate small wins to help ourselves stay motivated and positive as we navigate life’s stormy seas.  It is important to believe that things can and will get better.

Positive Action in Difficult Times

It can be quite normal to experience episodes of loneliness, especially now and it’s important to normalise this.  It can occur at any time in our life.  It is our bodies drive toward social interaction, the desire to make new friends and connections, to meet like minded people who share our interests and passions.  Human beings are naturally social creatures, so being lonely isn’t good for us physically or mentally.

These days there are more tools than ever before to find like minded people with shared interests.  This makes it so much easier to identify groups with which we have something in common – so if for example, one of your pleasures in life is on-line gaming, you could consider welcoming first-time gamers into your community.

Don’t expect rejection when trying something new. Instead focus on positive thoughts and attitudes.  We need to recognize that our loneliness is just a sign that something needs to change.  It will require a conscious effort on our part, but who knows we might surprise ourself.

In life it is important to look for the kinds of experiences that bring us joy – only we can make ourselves  happy.  Gratitude and appreciation for all we have, together with acceptance of our unique qualities, can help us think more  positively about ourselves.  We just have to decide we’re worth it.