Due to the increasing cases of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and other heart related diseases around us today, many have resolved to choose the better offer a healthy lifestyle has to give. A case study being how the Canadian government in the year 2005 had to come together to review the causes and re-strategize on ways to proffer solution by agreeing on an integrated strategy on healthy living and chronic diseases which is believed to help the citizens maintain a healthy lifestyle. The strategy was focused majorly on physical activities, health and safe eating habits and weight control.

. Since it is a decision that takes commitment and consistency, it is necessary to understand why a healthy lifestyle is important as this serves as a motivation continue.

Different people have different reasons for choosing a healthy lifestyle and despite how long it takes to imbibe the lifestyle, there will always be a point in our individual lives where we will need to cultivate a healthy lifestyle not because it is recommended but because life depends on it, which is why there is no point delaying what will eventually be done.

Here are some of the reasons why you may need to choose a healthy lifestyle:

Good health:

when you talk about a healthy lifestyle, this is the first thing that comes to mind. A healthy lifestyle helps to maintain and improve your health and contributes positively to achieving one especially when getting over a health issue. An individual practicing a healthy living has more advantage of living a disease-free life with higher immunity against sicknesses.

Fit and balance:

Another advantage of living a healthy lifestyle is to have a great physique that ensures that one is perfectly fit and in a balanced position for any activity. This ensures you are strong enough to be actively involved in different activities for development such as sports, personal hobbies, DIY chores around the home and so on.

Long term productivity:

A healthy lifestyle enhances one’s productivity especially in achieving some set goals. This is because there is a healthy synchronization and balance between the mind and body to help achieve that. This balance puts such a person in a relaxed state of mind and with a clear focus that is not blurred in whatsoever way. As a result of this, such an individual takes his successes and failures with a positive mindset that allows him to give more of himself for a greater level of productivity.

Longer life:

Have you ever wondered why the mortality rate in the world today seems to be escalating each day? Or why it seems to be on a higher side among the middle-aged individuals? This is because we seem to be on a roller coaster without brakes, as we have chosen a fast paced lifestyle where we no longer pause to think about the effect this would have on us. We feed on junks (fast foods) and take shorter means to reach our destinations fast (elevators, cars, and other innovations developed to make life much easier), which in turn makes us lazy to do most things by ourselves. But making a conscious decision to choose a healthy lifestyle over these things prolong our lives much more than we can imagine.

Vibrant, happy life:

A healthy person sees life from his perspective as beautiful this is because such a one feels beautiful within and without. They seem to beam with smiles and radiance every day and if you are to make a critical observation, they are usually the life of most gatherings be it at work, church or in the community. This is because they have cultivated a lifestyle that is not weighed down by external factors. They are usually together in the midst of crises, with their heads above the waters because inwardly, they believe they can get past those situations, and outwardly, they are capable of handling the challenges.

Reduces aging:

there is a popular saying that smiling reduces wrinkles, but in this case, a healthy lifestyle reduces or even prevents aging. This can be said of most oldies that are still actively involved one way or the other in community development, in their homes and society at large. The only evidence of their ages being the obvious physical changes that can be seen in them.

A more active life:

A healthy lifestyle is usually recommended for the aged or people recovering from an ailment in other to take them from the sedentary lifestyle they are used to and allow them to experience life the more by contributing or participating to certain areas of their lives. When you are healthy, you become more actively involved in most aspects of life.

Good personal relationship:

living a healthy lifestyle allows one to maintain a good interpersonal relationship with other people. This is because they believe in themselves and their ability to communicate. These are the sets of people you find it easy to work with a team, they can flow with groups and relate well with friends and family. One secret to this is a healthy lifestyle.

Weight loss:

maintaining a healthy lifestyle has been found to have a direct link with weight loss, which is why most obese or chubby individuals that wish to get back in shape are advised to take up this kind of living especially in their nutrition, exercise and relationship with people.