As a child I was afraid of the Dark.

Ghosts hid in the darkness in my room.

They came to me at night and terrified me. It was not their intention to frighten me, but as a child I was always frightened.

When they would come I would run into my Dad. He would pull back his blanket and I would cuddle up beside him. There I was safe, even though the Ghosts were there in the room. I would fall asleep there in his arms. This went on from the time I was around seven until I was twelve.

My Dad never once judged me, told me I was stupid or sent me away. The love I had from my Dad was unconditional.

light and dark

As I grew older and embarked on an interesting journey of self-exploration and introspection; I began to understand why I feared the dark.

It was not because of the Ghosts.

I must point out that Ghosts are not to be feared, they are simply Spirits that are stuck in a specific energy pattern and have lost their way home.

It was not the Dark or the Ghosts that I feared, but the unseen of self, the unknown of self, the shadow side of self.

In a paradox, the darkness illuminated the shadow side of myself. I was fully aware that I was both good and bad in every way.

I was aware that I must always choose the path of truth or untruth. If I chose the latter my thoughts and actions could consume me into the darkness forever.

Awareness of Light and Dark

As I grew even more, I learned to look deeper into self.

I began to learn about the Light in my Heart and the shadow side that lurks within all of mankind; not just me.

I began to see how this darkness can obliterate our self-esteem and self-worth and become a tool to destroy us and keep us slaves to the darkness.

The more fear, the more darkness, and the more isolation.

When I used to pay attention to the news, I would often hear people comment on the events and atrocities spewed out on the news saying “how could he do that” or “I would never do that“.

The reality was that we all could do every atrocity if the circumstances were different.

light and dark
My Dad had a great saying when I was younger “There go I, but for the grace of God“, it used to drive me insane as I had no time for God when I was younger.

But my Dad was correct. He was older and wiser than I. But I never gave him credit for that until he was no longer by my side.

I miss him so.

So would I do the horrible things that Hitler did?


Do I agree with what he did?

Absolutely not!

But our universal path and divine plan led him through circumstance to do as he did and my divine plan and circumstance leads me to this place and time.

I don’t know what I would do, if circumstances were different and therefore cannot say.

Choosing the Path of Light or Dark

As I journeyed even deeper within, with the experience of age and wisdom, I began to see the truth of self.

The separation temptation that lies within each and every one of us.

We choose our path of Light and Dark.

light and dark

We pick lifestyles that lead us ever downward into darkness without even realising what has happened. The lure of the dark side is strong against our frail humanity. The more we live in our heads and not our hearts; the further from our Divinity we go.

However if we are fully aware that we all possess Light and Dark, both good and bad, we have absolute choice in how we live our lives. If we can accept that, depending on circumstances we are capable of any action, bearing in mind there are no coincidences in our Universe, then we can choose to be better people.

With that knowledge and wisdom we can choose to be better people, and aim to be the highest potential of our humanness.

We then feel drawn to operate from our Heart space and we begin exercising less judgement on others.

We begin loving each other and caring for each other and therefore are less likely to hurt each other.

Be your Heart – Not your Head.

Choose Love over all else.

– David Ellis

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