tired woman at work

Burnout is defined by the World Health Organization as a “syndrome conceptualised as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed”. It is a notion that most of us are familiar with, and is characterised by some key factors, including feelings of energy depletion, increased mental distance from the job, negativism and cynicism related to the job or reduced professional efficiency. It is clear that burnout does not just affect the work ethic of individuals but also has organisational level impacts.

Irrespective of what measures can be taken to reduce burnout, it can never be eliminated but holidays and vacations seem to be a popular method of relaxing and letting go of the pressure and stress that the everyday work life has put on your shoulders. Getting out of town, breathing a sigh of relief at the sight of no work load on your table, and having the privilege of not checking your phone for emails every half an hour is as good a deal as they come.

Here’s how to get the energy boost you’ve been looking for:

Finding the Right Destination:

The easiest way to take a break from the busy work life is to get far away from the city as possible. Go where the concrete jungle seems like a faraway land. To find a cure for the “Civilization’s Disease”, you must be where the nature speaks to you more than the humans do. So, take all the leaves you have left from work and plan a holiday where you could enjoy the simpler things in life again. Whether it’s the wildlife, the cool breeze of the hill country or the azure waters that would give you the ultimate break from work, take the chance because it will be worth it.

Develop Your Mindfulness:

If you are going on a retreat to replete the energy that was depleted during your 9– 5 job, try not to engage in activities that would leave you physically exhausted. You are on a mission to collect good energy, and this has to last until you get the opportunity to take another holiday. While a holiday won’t completely get rid of the burnout, it will make you feel better and more energised and give you that much needed break. Engaging in activities like yoga, meditation, spa, and muscle therapy would work wonders for all the stress that has been built up in you. Some programs like the Cape Escape Fitness Camp by Cape Weligama offers a blend of exercise routines and natural therapies to give you relax your body and mind. Try to make a habit of continuing these activities even after you get back to your daily routine so that the burnout won’t completely burn you out.

Get off the Grid:

This is one of the simplest methods of reducing the symptoms of burnout. Turn your phone off, or simply switch it to silent mode. Refrain from checking your work emails. After all, you are on vacation. You deserve it and you earned it. Besides, if you are in a beautiful hotel, surrounded by nothing but lush greenery, vibrant flowers and crisp air, why would you need to check your phone anyway? Embrace the true beauty of nature and don’t take your holiday for granted.

Deep Sleep:

Sleep is one of life’s best medicines that has become a guilty pleasure because we live in a world where everyone runs on coffee and late nights. Deadlines, work pressure, household duties and family responsibilities can make you take sleep for granted. So if you plan to diminish the symptoms of burnout syndrome, make sure you sleep as much as you can. Even after you get back from the retreat, make it a point to adhere to a sleep schedule, and refrain from caffeine.

If you just can’t find the time for a holiday, you could always eat healthy, limit alcohol, exercise or even meet with a professional for some help. If nothing else works, you could eliminate the stressor and find a workplace that is more suited for you. Nothing is worth sacrificing your health over.