I’m not sure if you can relate to this but…

As an adult, my biggest regret in life is not learning about mindfulness from a young age. In school, I learned a lot of great stuff but none of it was related to self-love, meditation, reflection, or personal development. It sounds silly to admit, but as a kid, I did not focus on identifying my feelings and I even felt wrong to feel certain feelings. “Big girls don’t cry,” “You’re not a baby anymore,” etc. All this to say, adulting has been challenging. There is no one to blame for this. After all, everyone in my life was doing their absolute best. And chances are my parents never got the mental health talk either. I don’t carry any resentment (thanks to so much therapy!), but now see an opportunity to approach my thoughts, feelings, and situations differently. 

As a passionate advocate for mental health, I’m excited to share a very special project called “The Mindful Adventures of Unicorn Island” – produced by my company, Unicorn Island Productions, alongside Headspace. This is my new animated kids’ series, in which a young ‘Lilly’ learns to meditate and is transported into the magical world of Unicorn Island… her happy place. On Unicorn Island, she meets some wild and wacky friends who together go on silly, yet insightful adventures. Each episode is about 11 minutes and teaches kids (and adults!) one mindfulness exercise to keep in their daily wellness toolkit. All ten episodes are available for free on YouTube!

I truly believe the world would be a much happier and healthier place for everyone if we all spent a little more time being mindful and looking inwards— kids and adults alike. Teaching mindfulness skills to kids, from a young age and throughout their development, will set them up to be healthier adults. If you agree, please check out the show with your loved ones. I have watched every episode and even as a grown-up, I’ve benefited so much. Who doesn’t love a good deep breath?

Wishing you a mindful day!

Watch the rest of the episodes of The Mindful Adventures of Unicorn Island here!


  • Lilly Singh is an award-winning entertainer, actress, producer, writer, best-selling author, and advocate. Through her various acting and voiceover roles, her Unicorn Island Productions banner, her nonprofit Unicorn Island Fund, and her Lilly’s Library book club, Singh continues to blaze new paths in storytelling. She strives to spotlight underrepresented voices and transform the way the world sees, values, and invests in girls and women.

    A UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and 2023 DVF Leadership Award recipient, Lilly’s work has been recognized in lists like Forbes’ 30 Under 30, Fast Company’s Most Creative People, and TIME’s Most Influential People on the Internet. Her TED Talk, ‘“A seat at the table” isn’t the solution for gender equity’, has received millions of views and was one of the five most popular TED Talks of 2022. With a digital audience of 40 million, starring roles in blockbusters and beloved franchises, as well as her experience as a groundbreaking digital creator and the first woman of color to host a network late-night TV show in over thirty years, Lilly Singh understands the power of storytelling — and believes it can change the world.