To be creative is natural. This is the highest form of self-expression. It is so human to express ourselves through creating beauty – art, music, words of wisdom, sports and more. Feeling this natural urge to create, I recently decided to take one month off and spend it in the mountains. This was a very important decision, because it allowed me to focus on one of the most important aspects of my life: my creative work.

Having experienced it in my own life, I am convinced that tapping into our level of creativity – what I call limitless creativity – can happen regularly only when you work on strengthening your “core.” I came across this expression for the first time through my tennis coach. He created a series of exercises for me so that I would strengthen my physical core.

While contemplating and reflecting on my own “creativity pattern”, the expression “strengthening the core” just popped up in my mind.

CORE for me means stay Concentrated and committed to create Opportunities for yourself to Replenish your Energy.

Cutting out distracting factors requires inner strength and willingness to say beautiful “Nos”. It sounds easy and yet is the most common challenge my clients face on a daily basis. I am truly grateful that I myself have learned this vital skill. I am now more inclined to say enthusiastic “Yeses” to new opportunities that bring me closer to completing my mission and beautiful “Nos” to people and situations that distract me from my purpose.

It is easier to practise these skills when you consistently strengthen your CORE. And it’s a daily activity, not a random act of kindness towards yourself. The CORE work should be executed in a very holistic manner. Otherwise it is unsustainable.

So I took this conscious decision to switch off for a month and open up all my senses to whatever my awareness brought to me, without forcing anything to happen. I was relaxed, feeling comfortable with myself and very disciplined in following my creative routines. I allowed new insights and inspiration to flow into my life. As a result my creativity was boosted enormously, because I was feeding it from the ultimate source – connectedness with self, people I love and respect, and nature.

Creativity is important for everyone, especially of course for people involved in creative jobs – leaders, writers, artists, musicians, composers, painters, professional coaches, teachers, athletes, and so on.

What is the first step in the creative journey?

Create a space to strengthen your CORE. Only in the spaciousness of nothingness (when we switch off from the busyness of life) we can create and manifest amazing ideas which are impactful to self and others.

Time is SPACE and if boosting your creativity is what you want, your conscious choices about how to nurture yourself (and allow time for yourself) on a daily basis is very important.

Let me share my morning rituals, which I consider essential for boosting my creativity.

The CORE is coming back to myself – connecting with what I think, feel and express. It brings me back to my true WHO and puts me in alignment with my passion and purpose. (To Serve Others With Passion and Compassion)

  • I do a mindfulness exercise – 5 minutes

  • I write my three pages, following the inspirational approach of

    Julia Cameron, shared in her landmark work The Artist’s Way – 15


  • I work out – 15 minutes

  • I nourish my body with healthy and clean food – 25 minutes

All these activities take just 60 minutes, and investing in them on a daily basis creates for me time and space, peace, enjoyment and meaning. Joy springs boundlessly from within.

Strengthening the CORE is preparation for me to work well with my mental, emotional and physical energy, which is such an important layer.

With my CORE nourished, I am able to manage with ease the unexpected events I encounter during the day – those arising from both my physical and social environment. All these layers are interconnected. The CORE is at the centre, the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy together is the layer covering the CORE, and the surface is all the events emerging from the social and physical environment.

In order to nourish your CORE, first you need to have a good reason to do so, and then the willingness to do it. Choosing to live a meaningful life of creativity is an essential element for every professional who wants to THRIVE.

Enthusiasm is important too because it serves to move you forward. I recently read about this crucial dimension in Eckhart Tolle’s remarkable book New Earth. I would love to share it with you.

“Enjoyment of what you are doing, combined with a goal or vision that you work toward, becomes enthusiasm…. Enthusiasm is the power that transfers the mental blueprint in the physical dimension… That is the creative use of mind, and that is why there is no wanting involved. You can not manifest what you want… you can manifest only what you already have.”

Stay enthusiastic, say more energetic “Yeses” to all the opportunities that come your way, and beautiful “Nos” to all distractions.