It’s not only an age of instant gratification, it’s an age of instant manifestation. An age when anything we desire can be manifested into physical reality, whether it be with a few clicks of a mouse or the focused intention of thought.

And so it is for healing.

The old paradigm of healing is melting away—a paradigm where if healing was even considered an achievable outcome, not just a vague hope or unrealized dream, it was only thought to be attained after seemingly endless periods of suffering and gut-wrenching work before some sort of resolution is found.

I would know; I spent years of my life in the psychiatrist’s office and on the therapist’s couch, desperately seeking relief from decades of relentless depression and madness that would not let me go. And finally, painfully, I was able to get off the crazy train at long last and find the healing I had been tirelessly searching for in the relatively new paradigm of metaphysical healing.

This “new paradigm” is the realm of the energy healer, the mystic who uses her highly-developed psychic and spiritual gifts to peer into your psyche or soul or past, find the offending energy or belief or block, and dissolve it before your very eyes. This is a realm I’m all too familiar with, as my path of healing paved the way for me to discover my own latent spiritual gifts, and I have spent the past few years working as an energy healer myself. It’s a realm where miracles are made and profound healing happens, and I can testify to its power again and again.

But nowadays, even this mode of metaphysical healing is fast becoming outdated.

Because we have entered this new age of racing time, already that paradigm is too slow. We just don’t have time to sort through our troubles and heal them one by one, week by week. We need to heal them—all of them—now.

And we can. For not only is time speeding up rapidly, the veil between our physical world and the spiritual realms is lifting. With just a little practice, anyone can, in essence, “peer through the veil” and receive the kind of mystical knowledge required to heal the pains of the past and present.

But that’s only if you want to. Even without such a desire or inclination, the same outcome, this wave of instant healing, is available to all.

I call it “Healing at the Speed of Thought.”

But before I explain that in detail, let’s walk through the existing healing paradigms one more time, to prove how truly phenomenal this new age of healing really is.

Say you realize you have some sort of a block—childhood trauma, a money problem, or maybe a relationship issue. In the old paradigm, you might start reading self-help books, attend a workshop or seminar, or even see a therapist. Even with individualized, hands-on help, it could take months of introspection and soul-searching before you can see the bigger picture and be able to connect your current issues with the problems and pains of the past. It might take even longer to fully heal, if that’s even possible, hampered as you might be by ego fears and subconscious self-sabotage that pops up in an effort to “protect you” from this unknown (and, thus, potentially threatening) territory that healing brings you into.

In the so-called “new paradigm,” things are much faster. You realize you have a block and so you find and arrange to meet with a healer, who will use his or her spiritual gifts in their own unique way to be able to shift the energy and move the block. Some will work with the energy itself, while others will be able to connect the dots of your past to your present and heal through emotional release, and so on and so forth. While this is undoubtedly a marvelous process that can enact changes in the blink of an eye, it can still be time-intensive and cost prohibitive, as it can often take several sessions over a period of time to fully release the blocks and issues. And although the healing can go much deeper and be much more complete than any healing you might receive from the medical or psychological field, you’re still not always free from ego fears and self-sabotage, which might require additional healing and introspective work.

Well. I don’t know about you, but I just don’t have time for that. I want healing, and I want it now. I deserve it now. We all do.

And we can have it, now that we’ve entered the new age of “Healing at the Speed of Thought.”

It goes something like this: In order to heal, fully and completely, the only thing you need to do is think it, and it will be.

No, this isn’t a trick or a riddle or a cruel joke. That’s really all it takes. Well, that and a healthy dose of faith. Healing at the speed of thought requires that you have the kind of faith that says, “I don’t need to know how this happened or why. I only know that I’m ready to be done with it.”

Are you ready to take that leap? Miracles are waiting for you when you do.

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