Trust your body’s wisdom: Start by tuning into your body’s needs. My first step away from fad diets was to listen to my hunger cues instead of a diet or meal plan, which led to more mindful eating and a healthier relationship with food.

Starting something new is scary. Learning to believe in yourself can be a critical precursor to starting a new initiative. Why is it so important to learn to believe in yourself? How can someone work on gaining these skills? In this interview series, we are talking to business leaders, authors, writers, coaches, medical professionals, teachers, to share empowering insights about “How To Learn To Believe In Yourself.” As a part of this series we had the pleasure of interviewing Lindsey Kaszuba.

Lindsey is a certified Health & Habit Consultant with a focus of empowering ambitious women to conquer SIMPLE health routines that stick. She focuses on integrating health and lifestyle through nutrition, movement, mindset, and habit formation, with an emphasis on creating simple shifts in order to eat without guilt and workout without it being a form of punishment. Lindsey lives in New York City with her husband, three daughters, and Italian Greyhound. She loves fashion, skincare, traveling, deep connections, her morning coffee, and all things self-development.

Thank you so much for joining us in this interview series! Before we dive into the main focus of our interview, our readers would love to “get to know you” a bit better. Can you tell us a bit about your childhood backstory?

Thank you for having me! Growing up in a small town in Central Florida, I always sensed something greater calling me and had big dreams of making my mark in New York City. I was driven by a desire to live in a city where you could do and be anything you wanted, and the convenience of everything was very intriguing. My upbringing in a conservative southern Baptist household instilled in me a strong sense of curiosity and the courage to question the status quo. This questioning led me to challenge the one-size-fits-all rules I was taught, laying the groundwork for a life built on my own terms. Little did I know that after 15 years in NYC, I’d be leading a business focused on helping individuals heal their relationships with food, their bodies and themselves, continually pushing against established diet culture norms. It’s an incredible journey of self-trust and empowerment that I’m now privileged to guide others through, proving that life (and your health) truly can be what you make it.

What or who inspired you to pursue your career? We’d love to hear the story.

My path to a career in health and wellness in NYC was a journey of passion evolving from helping people express themselves through fashion to realizing my true calling in nurturing how we feel on the inside. This journey has been greatly influenced by all the women and mentors in my life who expanded my skills, mindset, and courage. My grandmother really ironed into me from a young age that work ethic meant more than just showing up, it meant putting your heart and soul into your work. I’ve kept that throughout my entire career. My mentors have taught me the importance of surrounding myself with inspiring individuals; you really are a product of who you surround yourself with. This guidance led me to discovering that my true passion lies in empowering others to feel good from the inside out, not just on the surface. I am a culmination of all those who have come before me.

It has been said that our mistakes can be our greatest teachers. Can you share a story about the funniest mistake you made when you were first starting? Can you tell us what lesson you learned from that?

When I first launched my business, the funniest mistake I made was trying to be the ‘Jack of all trades, master of none.’ I listened to everyone else’s shoulds and shouldn’ts, which had me zigzagging through my to-do list. This led to lots of trial-and-error moments — which all turned out to be very valuable lessons in the importance of tuning in to my own intuition. It taught me to filter advice through my own vision and goals, and leaning into what felt most aligned to ME, which turned out to be the real key to carving out a unique and authentic path in this overcrowded industry.

What are some of the most interesting or exciting projects you are working on now? How do you think that might help people?

Currently, I’m pouring my energy into two exciting projects: the ‘Simply Wellthy’ private podcast I just recently launched and ‘Health Club Collective.’ Simply Wellthy is a binge-able mini-series where I delve into demystifying health and wellness, making it a SIMPLE and enjoyable part of everyday life. Health Club Collective is a self-led program that focuses on my SIMPLE health framework to provide practical tools to transform your health on your terms. Both projects are designed to ditch overwhelm and confusion around healthy habits, making wellness simple and sustainable, so you can take back control of your own health journey. I’m so proud of both of these as they are the staples of how I’ve healed my own relationship with my body.

OK, thank you for all of that. Let’s now shift to the core focus of our interview. This will be intuitive to you but it will be helpful to spell this out directly. Can you help explain a few reasons why it is so important to believe in yourself? Can you share a story or give some examples?

Believing in yourself is pivotal because it’s the cornerstone of growth. If we constantly look outward, adhering to broad, generic advice, we lose connection with our inner voice or our intuition that is meant to guide us towards what feels right and works best for us, as an individual. For instance, in the realm of health, by trusting in ourselves and listening to our body’s signals, we can build habits that suit our personal needs rather than getting lost in the sea of one-size-fits-all solutions. Which to be honest, never work long-term.

This was a lesson I learned firsthand when I stopped chasing the latest health trends and started tuning in to my own body. It was a revelation that transformed my well-being, reminding me that simplicity lies on the other side of self-trust.

What exactly does it mean to believe in yourself? Can I believe that I can be a great artist even though I’m not very talented? Can I believe I can be a gold medal Olympic even if I’m not athletic? Can you please explain what you mean?

Believing in yourself fundamentally means cultivating a deep sense of self-trust, recognizing that you are the authority on your life and your capabilities. It’s about acknowledging your unique path and having the confidence to pursue it, understanding that belief precedes achievement. This isn’t about disregarding realism or ignoring one’s innate strengths and limitations — it’s about honest self-assessment. For example, while I may not have the makings of an Olympic gymnast, believing in myself means I could still excel and find fulfillment in gymnastics by setting personal goals within my reach. It’s about balancing belief with a grounded understanding of one’s true potential.

Was there a time when you did not believe in yourself? How did this impact your choices?

Absolutely, there was a period in my life where I was more of a follower, adhering to societal norms and external expectations. This influenced my choices significantly, leading me down paths that, while educational, weren’t fully aligned with my own inner guidance. These were crucial stepping stones, though as they equipped me with the insights needed to pivot towards a life where I now have complete self-trust. These lessons have taught me that belief and trust in your own vision and goals comes from an intimate knowledge and understanding of oneself that no one else can claim.

At what point did you realize that in order to get to the next level, it would be necessary to build up your belief in yourself? Can you share the story with us?

That moment came when I became a mom. It was then that I started to realize that the routines and solutions that worked for others, and even my past self, no longer aligned with my new reality. I found myself overwhelmed and confused in a sea of advice that didn’t resonate with me- particularly new trendy diets and workouts. It led to a profound shift in perspective — I started to prioritize how things felt to me internally, whether it was the food I ate, the way I moved, or the thoughts that continued to loop in my mind. This introspective approach turned my overwhelm into clarity and confidence. It was the catalyst that allowed me to build a stronger belief in myself and redefined my path to wellness, one that was distinctly my own and infinitely more fulfilling. The most interesting part was that my health started to become so much more simple.

What are your top 5 strategies that will help someone learn to believe in themselves? Please share a story or example for each.

1 . Trust your body’s wisdom: Start by tuning into your body’s needs. My first step away from fad diets was to listen to my hunger cues instead of a diet or meal plan, which led to more mindful eating and a healthier relationship with food.

2 . Set realistic goals: Break down big goals into smaller, realistic and actionable steps. For instance, instead of aiming to run a marathon right away, I began with daily walks, gradually building up to longer distances. When you achieve small wins you slowly start to prove to yourself that you can trust yourself.

3 . Celebrate your wins: Acknowledge every success, no matter how minor it seems. When I first swapped a midday snack for a healthier option and felt more energized, it was a small victory that boosted my self-belief that my body always knows what it needs.

4 . Embrace failures as detours in the right direction: View each setback as a lesson. After a workout routine that left me exhausted, I learned to find forms of movement that gave me joy and energy, reinforcing my trust in my choices.

5 . Surround yourself with like-minded community: Build a community that supports and uplifts you. When I became a mom, joining a mom group reminded me that I wasn’t alone in my journey, and the shared experiences continued to grow my confidence that I was on the right path for ME.

Conversely, how can one stop the negative stream of self-criticism that often accompanies us as we try to grow?

The first step to stop the spiral of self-doubt is to become aware of when you’re starting to spiral. Notice any trigger points for when it kicks in. This is where mindfulness practices like breathwork or meditation come into play — they help foster awareness of our thoughts and feelings. By incorporating a tool like my practice, The Power of the Pause, we give ourselves the space to step back and observe what’s happening in the moment versus after the fact. In my own experience, it’s been about catching those moments of self-doubt and consciously choosing to redirect my thoughts or actions towards self-trust. Once you’re aware of the pattern, you have the power to change the narrative, transforming critical thoughts into opportunities for growth.

Are there any misconceptions about self-confidence and believing in oneself that you would like to dispel?

Absolutely! Something I would love for more people, especially women, to realize is that self-trust is an innate trait. It’s a skill we can develop and nurture through our actions and mindset. I wish more people realized that the power to direct our lives and foster self-belief lies within the simple, daily choices we make, and it’s far more attainable than many think. Self-confidence isn’t reserved for a select few; it’s accessible to all who are willing to work on it.

What advice would you give to someone who is struggling with imposter syndrome?

For anyone wrestling with imposter syndrome, which is all of us, I can’t recommend meditation enough. It has been a game-changer in my life, offering a space to quiet the mind, focus on the present, and reduce those self-doubts. Through meditation, you can gain clarity, reaffirm your abilities, and recognize the value you bring to the table. It’s a powerful tool to reconnect with your inner strength and combat the feelings of not being good enough.

Ok, we are nearly done. You are a person of great influence. If you could inspire a movement that would bring the most amount of good for the greatest number of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger.

If I could ignite a movement, it would be the ‘Simple Health’ movement. I’m on a mission to demystify health and wellness overwhelm and reveal the real truth- health can be simple. By embracing simple, foundational habits — like mindful eating, realistic movement, and a supportive mindset — we can collectively improve our well-being. This movement would encourage people to listen to their bodies, trust their instincts, and find joy in the simplicity of taking care of themselves, improving the entire collective one person at a time. You’d be amazed at how such a simple idea can lead to profound changes.

We are very blessed that some of the biggest names in Business, VC funding, Sports, and Entertainment read this column. Is there a person in the world, or in the US, whom you would love to have a private breakfast or lunch with, and why? He or she might just see this, especially if we both tag them 🙂

Lauryn Bosstick. I think she’s hilarious and admire how she’s built such an empire. She’s so thoughtful in her product design and has developed such an engaged community. I think she would make a fun lunch date and would love to chat with her all about beauty, motherhood, and entrepreneurship!

How can our readers further follow your work online?

For ongoing support and resources, and to become part of a community that values simple join the Health Club Collective at or come hang out with me on Instagram @lindseykaszubahealth

Thank you for these really excellent insights, and we greatly appreciate the time you spent with this. We wish you continued success.


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