Actress and Lifestyle blogger, Lindsey McKeon is best known for her work in Hollywood as Tessa, The Reaper on Supernatural and Taylor James on One Tree Hill. Most recently she has starred in the holiday movie Girlfriends of Christmas Past and can be seen in the upcoming indie movie Women and Sometimes Men.

If you love to live a healthy lifestyle but don’t want to feel like you’re giving up things you love, then her blog Evolve by Lindsey is the place for you. It’s somewhere to gather advice about wellness, lifestyle, relationships and improving your mind. Lindsey also occasionally sits down for one-on-one interviews and insights from some of the most influential people in entertainment.

Her latest vlog, Up Close & Personal with Chris Evans is a series of interviews with the superstar, where we learn some new things about Evans.
 Part 1 — Does the Past Dictate Your Future? includes topics such as “fitting in” and “the effect your past has on you has you age”. These aren’t typical film questions, but instead delve deeper into the actor’s mind.

McKeon met Evans during the early stages of their careers while working on a show called Opposite Sex. It was the first show Evans ever booked and he moved to Los Angeles from Massachusetts for the series. The duo looks back at their time on the show as one of the most enjoyable experiences they’ve had. Over the years they have maintained a strong friendship, with a shared love of concepts such as spirituality and the journey of self discovery. Along their individual paths they have always made time to share and connect, bouncing what each has learned off one another.

Lindsey describes Chris as an extraordinarily influential, and an inspirational part, of her own journey — an amazing friend with incredible insight.
“Chris is the kind of person that looks at life with a bliss filled intrigue. His energy and enthusiasm are infectious. One of the things I find most alluring about being in his presence is getting to have really incredible, deep conversations. All these years later we’ve seen each other grow and evolve, and refine and hone tools that have lead us to live truly aware and abundant lives.”

Up Close & Personal with Chris Evans — Does the Past Dictate Your Future?

As the series of interviews continues Lindsey and Chris will take an introspective look into the internal struggle of “letting go” as well as a variety of other topics in the same genre.

Who we are when we’re growing up often defines who we become for the rest of our lives. We are shaped by our individual insecurities and our desperate need to fit in. Allowing our fear to run us, we sometimes get stuck in this cycle. The willingness to step through this fear, into the possibility of something new is where life gets interesting. Because who we were in the past is just a snap-shot in time, and fear is a just natural reaction to moving closer to your truth.

Chris Evans knew from a young age that this fear-based side of himself was not his truth. Becoming aware is the first step in not letting the story of who you were dictate who you will become.

To watch the entire interview series with Chris Evans (which will be available in segments over time) visit Evolve By Lindsey.


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