For a long time, there was a rumor that there is a connection between video games and violence. However, many studies suggest that these games can have a positive psychological and even physical impact on us. You could even say that video games make us better people.

Video game acts like steroids on your brain

Scientists have explored the influence of video games on humans in a study published this week. The study examined 23 adults within the age of 25 years. They played video games for 30 minutes a day over a period of two months. A separate control group did not play video games during the same period.
Examining the brains of all subjects with a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner, the researchers found that the gamers’ group had increased gray matter in the regions of the right hippocampus. These brain regions are responsible for spatial orientation, memory formation, and strategic thinking. This proves that certain brain regions can be specifically trained by video games. The concluded that diseases in which certain brain areas are altered could be treated with video games. This applies, for example, to schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, and Alzheimer’s dementia.

A Video game could make you smarter

In August, British researchers found that certain video games, especially strategic games can increase players’ brainpower.
For the study at Queen Mary University of London and University College London, 72 subjects were examined before and after 40 hours playing the Sims simulation game over a period of six to eight weeks.
Subsequent psychological tests revealed that participants performed better cognitive performance and complete tasks more quickly and accurately.

Video games could slow down the aging process

According to a study by the University of Iowa, Games that stimulate the brain can slow down the natural aging process of our brain.
One study looked at 681 healthy individuals aged 50 and above. After 10 hours of a specially designed game, the participants showed that the natural decay of certain cognitive abilities could be reduced.

You could help children with dyslexia to read better

In February, Italian scientists at the University of Padua found that children with dyslexia could improve their reading skills through fast, frantic video games.
The researchers divided the seven to 13-year-old children into two groups. One group played the action games and the other group played a game at a slower pace. When the children’s literacy skills were examined, the scientists found that the children who had played the action game were able to read faster and more accurately. The authors of the study hypothesized that action games can help improve the attention span of children, a skill that is especially important in reading.

Video games can reduce pain

Scientists have found evidence that video games, especially games that involve virtual reality, can effectively reduce anxiety and pain caused by medical interventions. The study found that patients undergoing chemotherapy or other serious treatments experience less stress and anxiety when immersed in a virtual gaming world. Patients with burns rated their pain 30 to 50 percent lower after playing these virtual games.
Video games cause patients to focus on things other than their pain. In addition, playing releases endorphins, which have a positive effect on the patient’s mood.

Video games can improve your eyesight

Anyone who shoots down bad guys in video games can improve their eyesight. This is the conclusion of a study by the University of Rochester.
In 2009, action game players were explored who played first-person shooter games such as “Black Squad” and “Counter-Strike”, while a control group of inexperienced players played “The Sims 2”. Those who played first-person shooter games were able to see an improvement in contrast sensitivity and were more aware of fine changes in the brightness of objects. For example, the ability to distinguish light spots from darker areas is important for driving at night.
The authors of the study believe that the task of locating and targeting enemies in a video game train players’ eyes. By causing enemies to appear unexpectedly in the game requires sudden action, players learn to process optical data quickly. Therefore, we advise you to download top 10 free steam games, “This promotes your ability to achieve goals in everyday life and flourish your brainpower, for example, ” what information do I have, how should I proceed, which strategy promises the most success?”
Researchers believe that their findings reveal the potential of video games. In particular, action games could become a way to correct poor eyesight in patients.

Video games can be more helpful than talk therapy

Video games have often been linked to mental illness. But studies have shown that they could be a cure for these diseases.

Researchers from New Zealand have developed an unusual method for treating teenagers with depression over the past year. The teens played “SPARX,” a game designed to give young patients a treatment that is funnier and more active than traditional methods.

The study involved 168 teenagers with a median age of 15 who recently sought help or suffered from depression. Half of the group was randomly chosen to be treated by the “normal” method (one-on-one sessions with psychologists). The second group played “SPARX”. In this fantasy game, players create avatars designed to destroy sinister, negative thoughts to restore order in the virtual world. Each level teaches the player facts about depression, negative emotion management strategies, and relaxation techniques.

The results of the “SPARX” group were very encouraging. About 44 percent of patients were completely cured of their depression. In the control group it was only 26 percent.

You can help stroke patients to become healthy

For stroke patients, the healing process is often long, sometimes even impossible. Researchers at Tel Aviv University have discovered a way to treat these patients more effectively and cheaply: with video games.

Patients were studied who had a stroke of one to seven years. They were divided into two groups. One was treated in a traditional way, the other played video games on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo WII consoles.