When we start any assignment or project we consider the resources available and don’t like to get stuck due to lack of resources. When we foresee any bottleneck we make sure to arrange sufficient supplies. Then why do we fail to consider our own time and health while planning our success and goals.

We are so much influenced by our success that we often fail to define what is the success. Is having a career success? Is having money a success or any other thing we like to achieve. We often ignore ourselves and the one who need us. Time is the most precious gift you can give to anyone because we all have a limited amount of time. Gift of your time to ourselves and our family members is paramount.

Celebrated advertising and public relations corporation Ogilvy PR came under undesired publicity when its employees died while reportedly working overtime despite suffering from pneumonia.

Mark David Dehesa, young brand strategist, of Ogilvy Philippines, passed away on Sunday 19th Feb 2017. His death reignited a touchy deliberation about work overload at many organisation in recent years following the deaths of its workers.

Former Ogilvy copywriter Jeff Stelton while responding to the news did not hesitate to say “it’s time we say no to this unnecessary martyrdom.” And he felt enough is enough. He added: “It’s time to say no to getting up for a 9 A.M. customer presentation when someone worked until 4 A.M. to complete the job.

In another incident, Vanessa Yeap, leading stewardess in Singapore Airlines (SIA) was found dead in a San Francisco hotel room on 31st Jan 2017.
According to the source, Mrs. Yeap was not feeling well two days before her death.

There was a statement made by another staff of Singapore Airlines that when they take a casual Medical Leave, it can affect their promotion prospects and renewal of the contract.

The point that we fail to notice when we set our goal is we have limited resources. Our body is one of the resources. If it is overused, it will send a signal to indicate that it is overworked and need attention. In our zest to reach our goal and not to impediment our promotion and contract renewal or add one more deal, we ignore the signal emerging out of our body.

Dr. Mashal Goldsmith, # 1 Leadership Coach, ask the participant in his workshops. In our old age when taking our last breath and lying on the death bed. When we look around to find familiar faces who have come to say goodbye to us, we will find our family members, our near ones and dear ones around us. We will not find our colleagues and co-workers at the time.

So next time, before you ignore your body signal think. Your time is the most precious gift you can give to yourself and you family members. Your family members have more right to your soul and body than your career, coworkers, and employers. There is a life which is more important than money, promotions and materialistic success.

Originally published at medium.com