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There are some values that I learned as I have gotten older and one of them is listening to my body. I love to run. I always feel my body telling me the endurance and the long distance was wearing on me. I have learned through all the experiences that I’ve had that I have to listen to my body and it always tells me what it needs.

There was a time I had the day at home and my body was saying not to workout. I skipped my workout and I thought I’ll work out later. As the day went on, I never got the urge or felt like I had the energy to work out. I decided, all right, I am going to take a day off of exercise. I decided to work at my desk and felt so exhausted. 

My body began to tell me that I needed to relax now. I turned off my computer, got in bed and slept at 7 pm. That was what my body was telling me it needed. I listened and got 10 hours of sleep. This is a good example of how important it is to listen. I needed sleep – that was what my body was telling me.


When I had hip problems my body was saying I needed to be stretching. I signed up for yoga because that’s something that my body requires. You will find relaxation from yoga, it is a good stress reliever. It helps with any tight hips and back and different areas that ache. Yoga is amazing for that. You can even try hot yoga!


Breathing is also important. When I was in Austin, I took my very first deep breathing workshop. I don’t know if anyone has ever done that, but it was an amazing experience. My kids always hear my deep breathing whenever I get stressed out or if they’re annoying me or pushing my buttons. 

This started happening to me subconsciously through my yoga practice. When you start to feel tense or anxious about anything, deep breathe. Think of it as deep breathing on steroids. It will teach you a circular breath where you inhale very deeply and exhale through the mouth.

Spiritual Connection

Add prayer, meditation, and breathing in the morning. I always add that to my practice.

Tune into Your Body

Always listen to what your body’s telling you!

  • If your body is telling you that you should get off the couch and get outside. Then get up and do it. 
  • If your body is telling you-you need to get to bed earlier at night. Then do it. Make that a priority. 
  • If it’s telling you to turn off your lights, put the cell phone away, close the computer, and let your eyes rest. Do it.

I encourage you to listen to the signs your body is telling you because your body is a miracle and it will tell you exactly what you need!

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