It’s easy to become complacent in life. We get into a habit of going through the motions and just doing what we can to get by. I think that one effective way to combat this is to become a lifelong learner. Henry Ford once said, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life it to keep your mind young.”

We have to commit ourselves to learning everyday, and become intentional about how we go about accomplishing this. Learning has to become part of our routine; like brushing our teeth everyday. Depending on how you learn, listening to podcasts can be a great place to start.

I listen to podcasts almost everyday. Doing so allows me to feed my curiosity while going about my everyday business. I usually listen during my commute to work, which helps me to go into the office with my mind already engaged and ready for the day. Some mornings, my listening delivers a “nugget” or an alternative way of thinking about an area of my life.

This has been a game changer for me. In learning about other people’s stories and the strategies they’ve used to create success in their life, I’ve been able to impact my own way of being.

Through listening to podcasts, I’ve learned about morning routines and the difference having one can make in my life. This inspired me to create my own morning routine. Having done so has made a huge difference in how I set myself up for success.

My listening also inspired me to hire a coach to take my life and career to the next level. This was one of the best investments I made in myself in 2016.

My work ethic and how I go about my business has changed from the knowledge I’ve gained. I learned about the concept of deep work and how to apply it to my work, and I learned about the importance of creating a vision for my life and myself.

Becoming a lifelong learner doesn’t have to be an arduous task that forces you to change everything in your life to accomplish it. All it takes is being a little intentional about recognizing opportunities to add some learning activities into your everyday routine. So find a podcast that resonates and let the learning begin.

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