History has shown us plagues and epidemics which almost destroyed the race of human beings and changed the course of history. These unpredictable epidemics have changed the way we live and think. COVID-19 is a reality of today. We were proud of the advancement in medicine and technology and thought that there is nothing that we can’t handle. But then COVID-19 taught us that we are still far behind in even discovering what really matters. There is an inspiring story by a survivor of COVID-19 and the lessons which this virus has taught. Ana told us about her fight with COVID-19 and how her family copes with this epidemic. Schools were closed and it felt good in the beginning, getting up late all morning and staying at home and got nothing to do. But then I heard my parents were talking very quietly in the other room. My mom said “we don’t have many supplies, all shops are closed and they don’t even let us out in this lockdown”, My father replied, “yes you are right, I am afraid that I will lose my job because of this epidemic, my company is not able to make any sales, how will we survive”.  My happiness was gone when I heard all this. I was only 9 years old, what can I do. This lockdown now felt like a prison. I was not enjoying it anymore as I know what the reality is now. Everything seems to come to an end.

Bad News  

I was doing all I can to avoid the virus but I started feeling sick. I started having headaches and then flue and cough. I was tested positive for coronavirus. The life flashed before my eyes. I was sure that now this is my end. My parents contained me to a room only.

The Challenge of Surviving

My body temperature was sky rocketing. I never had fever like this. My throat was all chocked but I had only one thing on my mind. When there is a will, there is a way.  My father started surfing the internet and started to search about this virus and how to save ourselves from this. My father told me;    

Life is when you stay clean:

Staying clean was the key to survival.  Washing my hands and taking regular baths. Deposing of the things properly when we use them to decrease the spread of the virus. Although I was half alive but I had to stay clean and had to fight this virus.

Think positive:

When I had the coronavirus, all I can think of that I will die and this negative energy was not helping me. My father gave me the medicine but he also told me that if you keep on thinking negative then even the medicine will not work so you have to keep on thinking positive.

Survival of the fittest

Coronavirus kills a healthy person in less than 14 days and I was just a child. My parents kept my morals high and their words kept me going. My father said, “you are a survivor”.  My mother words which I can never forget were, “I want to see you turn 10”.  I was so overwhelmed with emotions that how can turn 10 when I am dyeing right now.

A ray of hope

Finally, after 11 days of suffering from coronavirus, my fever started to lower down and I started to breath normally. My headaches were also settling and I now had some thought that I will survive. As, the day’s progress I started to feel much better. My symptoms subsided.

When I came out of the room, tears were rolling down my mother’s cheeks and my father hugged me and said, “my little hero, when there is a will, there is a way”.