We are living in a frightening time! Currently, the world is still battling a pandemic. Even though the vaccination drives across the globe have been active, the fear of getting affected by the virus remains. There are places across the globe where the infection rates are becoming worse. Many others are constantly bracing themselves for what might come next. And almost everyone watching the news every day typically wonder where are we headed toward? The answer to this question remains uncertain! No one knows how the virus curve would flatten down.

Useful mental health suggestions by William D King

This prolonged uncertainty results in panic and overwhelming dread in people. It has made people feel fear, anxiety, and prolonged sadness that affects their mental health. And it is essential to remedy the same to lead a balanced life to survive the challenges that our current times pose on us. Following are some useful mental health suggestions that can help people to resolve mental health concerns that arise during such tough times.

  1. Limit your news viewing time –It is essential to stay updated with everything that is taking place around the world. But you need to know where to draw the line. Getting obsessed with news articles and updates on the pandemic and the virus infection rates will add to your existing fear. Hence, make sure that you listen to the news but without getting obsessed about it.
  2. Check news from verified resources – Since 2020, there has been umpteen sources publishing information about the virus and its implications. Not all news sources are authentic says William D King. It means there is a chance to reading news from a source that is not verified and getting tensed without any reason. Ensure that you read information about the virus from authentic sources such as World Health Organization and CDC. That way, you can bring down your excess worry.
  3. Try to bring down your negative thoughts –Our brains take a clue from our immediate reality that start to relay similar thoughts. Hence, if you are amidst a tense situation, chances are you will be thinking about tensed ideas at a loop. It is exactly what is happening to most people around the globe. Do you resonate with this? If yes, you need to make a conscious effort to bring down your negative thoughts so that it in turn, lessens your worry and tension.
  4. Read motivating and inspiring books and quotes – The current situation demands every individual to hold onto hope and courage. It’s time to count on positive thoughts and ideas. And you will start to think positively when you read uplifting and inspiring books and quotes. It will enable you to shift your focus from fear-based thoughts and concentrate more on living in the present moment. That way, you reduce your overall anxiety and stress that results from surviving amidst a challenging time.

Any fear can take an emotional toll! And the thought of the pandemic has made many people succumb to fear and stress. However, if you want to address your mental health issues resulting from pandemic stress, you can opt-in for the guidelines mentioned above.