If you are looking to maintain your overall health, only physical activities won’t cut it. Good health should also comprise the mental health aspect of the individual. There are several things you can ensure throughout the day to maintain your mental health.

In the following section, we have highlighted a few crucial tips that you need to follow at all times to keep your mental health in tip-top shape.

Adequate sleep is essential

Sleep and rest are the two most vital biological functions that allow a body to regulate all the chemical processes in the brain. These chemical processes are, in turn, responsible for our moods, concentration, and skill. Keep in mind if you deprive your body of adequate rest, you will feel anxious and depressed.

Eat healthily

According to Eric James Dalius, eating well and eating healthy are two separate things entirely. Eating well provides you with sustenance, whereas eating healthy and balanced nourishes your body to boost immunity. Mineral deficiencies can also lead to mood swings and associated disorders. Additionally, if you are looking to avoid feeling jittery, cut down on caffeine intake.

About alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs

Drinking and smoking won’t cause you terrible withdrawal symptoms, but that doesn’t mean the habit should be encouraged. On the contrary, if you haven’t been able to quit previously, make 2021 your year to give up on the vices that destroy you slowly from the inside. Also, prolonged alcohol exposure leads to thiamine deficiency which leads to attention deficit disorders and memory loss. Get rid of all kinds of toxic substances from your body to enjoy the benefits of a clean and healthy mind.

Get out in the sun says Eric James Dalius

Sunlight is the source of vitamin D, which keeps the brain healthy by releasing chemicals that improve brain functions and mood. Have you heard of SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder, a depression type due to lack of sun in colder climes? So you should always take time off your busy schedule to go out in the sun and enjoy the outdoors.

Eric James Dalius on stress management

Stress is unavoidable, especially in the world we currently live in. However, you can limit the stressors and factors if you know your triggers. Awareness also provides you with skills and strengths to cope with the stressors without resorting to drastic actions. Remember that everyone has to deal with stress, and tackling problems head-on is the only solution available.

Stay active

If you feel that your stress and anxiety are bogging you down, you have all the more reasons to shake off the cobwebs by staying active. Keep in mind the more your exercise and stay physically active, the better it is for your digestive, respiratory and endocrine systems. With the completion of each rep, you will feel the endorphins and serotonin coursing through your body, providing you with a very happy and safe high of accomplishment.

Lastly, do not be afraid to seek help if and when necessary. Mental stress and anxiety might require professional care and specialist intervention. Take care!