Everybody has come to this world for a purpose. If it wasn’t for your purpose you weren’t born. This is the most important thing that you need to discover in your life. Because this will help you achieve total fulfillment, true happiness, and freedom. Your purpose must come before everything as this will help you choose the right school, book, job, business, friendship, etc. Otherwise, you will waste all your time and energy on the wrong things.  

If you are feeling that there’s something missing in your life, it’s because you are not living your purpose. Ask yourself if you are happy with your life. If you don’t make yourself this question, then you can’t analyze if you are on the right pad. With the consequence that you will keep living unhappy and you will regret at the end of your life. Life without a purpose is meaningful. It’s a life of frustration. Abuse is inevitable.

Your purpose is unique to you. It’s from you but it’s not for you. Your purpose has to do with influencing and making an impact on the mass. It has to do with coming with a solution to a problem. We all came to this world to add value. That’s why it’s important that we discover this uniqueness. So that we can contribute to this world with our specialties.

If everybody discovers and lives their life purpose this world will be better. Everybody will use their gifts and talent to help this world in the right way. There will be fewer drug addicts and alcoholics. Also, fewer people with depression that want to commit suicide. Since that the main reason for this kind of problem has to do with the lack of a meaningful life.

God makes you with everything to achieve your purpose. The way you are has to do with why you are here. Your purpose reveals your potential. A lot of people measure success with status, power, having big houses, trendy cars, etc. But the right way is when you live your purpose. Your success can’t be determined by the opinion of other people but by what your Creator thinks about you. That’s why there are a lot of people that are successful in the eye of everybody, but they are unfulfilled.

Finally, you know deep down in your heart that you can achieve much more in this life. Don’t ignore your calling. Start living an extraordinary life. You are here for greatness. Discover yourself and live a life of total fulfillment, true happiness, and freedom.