I propose to read My experience abroad and socialy adapting back into my home life. 

and play this song in the background. 

Oktober 2017 in Ditzingen

I search one appartement in Ditzingen in Germany. I am assembler of machine, a doctor for machines, after 1 1/2 year i am happy to be here. Before official start of work the appartement i get in Cozys. Cozys is music bar and an appartement in one building. The place is clear, have warm water. Someone have left the card of Bundesligue players in the room. Early in the morning next day I came to the place in Heimerdingen. I started to do pneumetics on the machine and after that i started to mounting labels on the machine. 

I came home after first working week. I drove from Ditzingen to home for eight hours. Then I went with a neighbour Tomaž by foot to meet some friends. There we talked very formal about politics and local events. In the afternoon I went home to sleep. After the weekend I drove back to Ditzingen in Germany. I arrived late in the evening. I arrived in the company early in the morning. I start to mounting the part of the vacuum machine. I start to train fitness in the afternoon for two to three times a week I went to gym. In the afternoon I start to work other business. I step outside and relax when i was nervous. City was my guide to relax.

The next day I got the message that I should come to the location of the company in Faulbach. I get right to the meeting and then chef say: “You completed your work for our company and from now on you are no longer employed”. I felt shocked. A part of me was lost. I drove home in Slovenia. 

Next day at home 

I step outside and walk around and think over. I spent time in nature a lot. I feel better. I could not share my feelings to anybody, though. I went hiking on the mountains. I have been walking for 3 1/2 hours. 

Wednesday in Kamnik in Slovenia

I went to  Kamnik in Slovenia to meet my college Nina. I feel good and need her to talk. In the past, we were very good friends. I feel well before the conversation and when she appears, I was surprised. She is physicaly not good, I found out that her husband dead. I’m leaving. I’m me was tantion, no words come from me. In the meantime of my driving, I’m talking with her on the phone. I decided to leave her alone.

Monday in Lesce in Slovenia

Today I picked up my friends Tomaž, Kristl and Kristan. We drove to Lesce. We were very joiced. I felt anxiety. I left the place and went to pick people from Bloomberg. We  went to the meeting room. We were talking small talk first, and than formal. Formal conversation lasted hour and a half. To resume we communicate over the desk very technicaly. The proposition for then was very technical and operatively they decided to communicate with us further. We propose to send then request over e-mail. I try to listen and follow the conversation. I stand silent.  

Podhom in Slovenia, 9.11.2017

I am walking outside to Kristl. He proposed to start a new job. I wish to sign the contract to work with him. Well we communicate over it. In general it is company that creates schedules, called WoShi. It generates a schedule for schools and production planning. i agreed to start this job. I’m going home.  I have been working with my friend Tomaž late into the night.

Next day

Today we two are working at home in Gorje. In the afternoon we two are comming to the meeting.  Later in the afternoon i went to rehearsal on clarinet. I start education in the music school in Radovljica. I would like to start playing at local orchestra. After than i went to Alpin school in Jesenice. I am the alpin trainee.   

Saturday, 11.11.2017

I passionately climbing in the alpine school. I decided to climb in Bohinjska Bela in Slovenia, a local climbing area where dominates middle difficult directions. I get a budy and start to climb, the route have the grade 6a+. The grade level difficultie 6a+ is hard. I went home. On the way home i talked with Tomaž. It is Martinovo a feast of the wine, so we went on a wine route in Kranj. We bought tickets. After three hours of drinkin wine, we two went on the concert. Then we two drove home. 

Sunday. 12.11.2017

The passion to climbing is strong so I went climbing. I come to a friend Miha. Miha is a alpine guide, friend that everybody wish to have, very friendly. We went to climb in Bohinjska Bela like yesterday. On the way home we went to give a voice on elections. Than I went at the world climbing championship in Kranj. 

Monday, 13.11.2017

I travel to Graz in Austria. I had a job day in recruiting centre in MAGNA. They need workers in three shift jobs. I suppose that is not good for my bio rythem. I went home. 

I sit on the chair and start playing clarinet with the orcestra. I was relaxed and played with my breath. I felt the sound of music all over my body. I had the luxury to chose a song. It was played only for me. I allowed me to be emotional. I found myself againg and let the music to give me senses.