What does it mean to live in authentic alignment?

It means that the way you’re living is congruent – or in harmony – with…

Your highest version of your Self.

Your truth.

Your values.

Your soul’s purpose. 

So, how do you live in authentic alignment?

A good place to start is to uncover your core values. These are the intentions you desire to live by. They guide your journey and shape who you are as a person. When you choose actions based on your core values, you are better able to align with your authentic self and experience greater joy, happiness, and success.

Take the time to determine what values are most important to you. Then, find ways to incorporate those values into your life. When you organize your day to reflect the values that are meaningful to you, alignment will follow. Here’s a simple way to identify your core values.

Step 1: Uncovering your core values

People you admire

Who do you look up to? If you were to switch lives with someone right now, who would you choose? Consider their qualities, such as perseverance, gregariousness, or kindness. What qualities resonate most with you? As you do this, be careful not to compare yourself with others. Merely reflect on and list the desirable values that they live by.     

Your past experiences

When were you most happy? Can you think back to a time in your life when you were truly at peace? Reflect on what made that moment great. What was at the root of that feeling of joy and contentment? Did you have a particular mindset at that time? Make a list of values that you believe you held at that moment. 

Your future self

Consider the values you’ve already written. How might they influence your future? Ask yourself who you truly want to be and embrace these values. If there’s something missing, a value that only your future self can elicit, add that to your list now.  

It’s possible that your list of beliefs and values may now be daunting. Select 3-5 core values that truly stand out. Attempting to live by too many values can complicate the alignment process.

Step 2: Incorporate your values daily

Ask yourself, is there congruence between your current daily routine and your personal values? If the answer is no, adjust your routine to mindfully align your daily actions with your values. Create an agenda and consider the following… 

Your long-term goals

Each day is an opportunity to take one step closer to being the person you envision. Be mindful of this as you move through your day. Align your long-term goals with your core values. And as you embody these values daily, you’ll begin to manifest your long-term goals. 

If one of your chosen values is kindness, your long-term goal might be to start a non-profit or raise awareness for a cause. As you move through the day embodying kindness, your actions align with your purpose.  

Experiencing joy daily

You’ll find that living your values brings daily doses of joy. If your chosen values truly align with your soul’s purpose, your actions will bring you a wonderful sense of fulfillment. 

If one of your core values is to mentor, then guiding others to experience growth and development may be what brings you daily joy.  

Living in alignment starts with your core values. By choosing mindful actions that align with these values, you find more joy and success in life. Click here to claim your complimentary Core Values Assessment: Aligning Your Core Values To Your Authentic Self and discover the core values that align best with your soul’s purpose. 

This assessment will help you:

  • Identify what gives you meaning
  • Prioritize your values
  • Live in alignment 
  • Experience greater joy

Identify and act on your core values to live in authentic alignment!


  • Dr. Whitney Gordon-Mead

    Speaker, Certified Life Coach, Ordained Minister

    Intuit Wisdom, LLC

    About Dr. Whitney Gordon-Mead:   I sold my successful financial planning business and founded Intuit Wisdom so I could help successful, high-achieving women enjoy their success without sacrificing their health, wellbeing, relationships, and dreams.   As an International Speaker, Certified Master Trainer, Certified Accelerated Evolution Coach, Spiritual Counselor, and Ordained Minister, I’ve coached and counseled powerful professional women, business owners, and executives worldwide to experience physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance.   Amidst my three+ decades of research and experience, leading up to my doctoral degree in metaphysics, I was able to heal from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, post-traumatic stress disorder, and burnout. As a result, I designed a system for accelerated wellbeing that is rooted in metaphysics. I now use this proven system to empower each client to align with her essential authentic self, master her own wellbeing, and experience greater freedom and fulfillment in all areas of life. From relationships, work, and finances to family, health, and quality of life - there are no limits! What’s unimportant falls away. Magic happens, synchronicity.   Living in South Florida with my husband, Dean (the love of my life), and my cat, Whimsy, allows me to do the things I love, like spending time outdoors, boating, relaxing on the beach, and hiking. I also enjoy concerts and musicals, reading, writing, traveling, and investing.   My dream is a world where every woman says “YES!” to herself. I believe that life is not meant to be endured; it IS meant to be enjoyed!