While the world may have changed in the past few months, our hearts have not changed, and we still have so much to give! And we still have so much life to LIVE! 

I have been thinking a great deal lately about what it means to live. How can we be alive right now instead of simply hitting the pause button? It is a blessing to be healthy and still have a life without a doubt. Staying home to protect those who are more vulnerable to this virus is a decision that is not without its challenges. How can we do the right thing and feel like this is an opportunity, a GIFT, not a sacrifice? 

So what does it mean to live? 

It means being inspired, witnessing beauty, feeling deeply connected, experiencing something new, becoming excited about possibilities, growing! And when you stop and think about this, it is all still very possible right now.    

BE Inspired

I am blown away by those offering up their talents in service to the entire world! The medical professionals who are beyond exhausted and remain steadfastly committed to their purpose. The essential workers who take on risk every day to provide for their families and us. There is so much insanely creative work happening right now. From the cooperation of the global scientific community to the online musician collabs, it is incredibly inspirational.


A spring flower, a desert sunset, a morning bird, clouds moving through the sky. Incredible things happen every day if we pay attention. This can be challenging if you live in an urban area or it is not safe to go outside but start observing people, nature, art and the beauty of the world will reveal itself.  

FEEL Connected

How amazing has it been to have dozens of video calls with family and old friends who were long overdue for a catch-up? To have the time to be truly present with them and listen to their feelings? Our previous lives felt so rushed and conversations so transactional. Now you can also sit with your partner and have a REAL conversation. It is like you are dating and discovering this person all over!

EXPERIENCE Something New

Whether it is a meditation app, a new recipe or an online bootcamp, boredom is nudging us into new pursuits. The lost art of the hobby! It is a gift to feel like a child and explore new interests.  

BECOME Excited

I saw a pregnant woman on my walk the other idea and it made me so happy. She was a symbol for the future. Of all the possibilities for that child. Another day I got emotional when I thought about all the new friends I have not yet met. 

It is natural to be fearful of the unknown in our future but try and focus on the other, exciting, aspects we do not yet know about the future. Where will you travel? Who will you become?


This time has forced us to slow down and go inward. Many of my friends are looking at it as a personal retreat. You have nowhere to go. Nowhere to escape this anxiety and discomfort. You must sit with “it”. Most of us would not be brave enough to voluntarily face ourselves in ordinary circumstances. It is a bold move when escaping into streaming movies, baking cookies and drinking wine is so tempting. 

I have been experiencing intense clarity and creativity. A massive increase in collective consciousness is occurring and this is our opportunity. How can we observe the situation without judgment? How can it be something that is happening, but not happening to us? How can we be compassionate and understand that everyone has different coping skills?

Just love. Love the entire human race for all its beauty and all its flaws. 


I believe these are the lessons of a life well lived. I am committed to keeping these pillars in focus well after the global pandemic has ended.

If you are a Thrive Global reader, you are certainly the type of person who tends to turn chaos into cosmos. This is an opportunity to be there for those we love and our community on a higher dimension.  I have so much hope for the future. We are in this together and I believe in you. 

I will see you on the other side. 

Until then BE well, DO well, LIVE well.

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  • Kristi Dickinson

    Director of Spa & Wellness

    Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa

    Kristi Dickinson is an innovative spa and wellness professional with extensive knowledge and skills. She brings more than a decade of spa experience to Rancho Valencia. Over the years, Kristi has sat on the board of directors of the Advanced Spa Therapy Education & Certification Council, owned and operated True Potential Spa & Wellness Consulting, and served as Spa Director for fellow Relais & Châteaux property Mayflower Grace, The Golden Door Spa at The Peaks Resort, and Montage Deer Valley. Dickinson is the architect of Rancho Valencia's The Wellness Collective and works personally with each guest and member to realize their true potential as they embark on their journey of wellness.