1) What’s your backstory?

My name is Christian Courtney and I am the founder and CEO of Evolution Media Group.

Our company focuses on targeted Social Media Management and increased exposure for our clients. We handle all forms of social media but currently specialize in Instagram Marketing.

We started with one of our first clients in Chicago, Illinois. A restaurant called Real Urban Bbq (on instagram @realurbanbbq). We grew their account from 1,000 followers to over 10,000+ followers in a matter of months.

In addition to our targeted growth plans, Evolution Media offers engagement boosting services. Utilizing our Influencer network we were able to drastically increase Real Urban Barbecue’s engagement per post, resulting in increased customer exposure and social proof for the restaurant.

From this point we began gaining recognition and started working with several national brands and expanding our client base.

2) What became clear to you after the first client that this is something you can do as a company? And how did you know you’d be able to handle various accounts ?

“We did our homework before our first client. We had actually developed relationships with influencer groups so that we could understand how and where we could help a client and in what industry niches. For us, Real Urban BBQ was a proof of our concept, and it worked even better than we projected.”

3) What was the biggest struggle you’ve came across since starting and how did you over come it?

Dealing with different clients and international clients; certain clients have specific preferences or requests. We work through this by creating custom plans for our high end clients. We find that communication is key and finding out exactly what the customer wants is important. We pride ourselves with being responsive and addressing any customer questions or requests as soon as possible.

4) How did you build a team and what metrics do you follow with who you bring on board?

Building a team started with finding likeminded people who had skills which we needed to grow our business; skills such as sales, account management, social media knowledge, marketing, etc. We often hire through referrals, when a member of our team recommends someone we value their opinions. Two metrics we focus on is attitude and character; we have a very collaborative and focused team environment. But at the end of the day we are in business to help people and help each other. Our team has a very positive attitude and everyone holds themselves accountable for the greater success of the company.

5) What’s inspired you to become an entrepreneur? Has it come to fruition for you whatever it is that that was?

I have wanted to own my own business my whole life. Growing up I worked in the family business my grandfather started, private Montessori schools. I saw the freedom and impact owning your own business has and immediately desired it. I believe my dream has yet to come to fruition, I have had success with Evolution Media but I believe there is no limit to how much this company can grow and expand. I am excited for the future.

6) Beyond the success, what do you want to give back to the world with what you gain?

I would like to get to the point where I can give opportunity to people like me. I am dyslexic and at times school was very difficult for me. I would like to set up a scholarship foundation at Florida State University, my alma mater, for dyslexic students and for students interested in entrepreneurship

7) What’s your own piece of advise for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Set small reachable goals and achieve them. Once you hit those goals set bigger goals and continue the process. But always set small goals first which you can reach to give you motivation to continue onto bigger goals.

8) What’s your goals ahead and how do you plan to do things in a way that you’ll reach them?

Our main goal is to expand our company with new clientele in new markets. Specifically the southeast district of the US. We would like to continue to work with businesses in South Florida as we have seen great success with our current customers in this region. Another goal is to keep our high customer retention rate; we have never had a customer ask for a refund or terminate service due to dissatisfaction. We would like to maintain this standard of service. We plan to do so by being completely transparent with our customers and maintaining good communication.

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