Jordan is an Instagram Phenom. Seeking multiple ways to master the growth and monetization of the Instagram platform. Jordan now has taken it upon himself to teach others. Here’s the interview I had with him a couple days ago on the state of Instagram and how to succeed as a content creator.

1) What’s your backstory

Im Jordan, 24 years of age and currently work from home as full time Instagram growth consultant. i live in the U.K , in a small town called gloucestershire, I wasnt keen on college and school and knew from a young i wanted a business of my own. I studied instagram and the so called algorithm for around 2 years before classing myself as worthy to help others succeed. I know have my own website and currently mentor around 15 clients. all of who are crushing the instagram game.

2) What’s your full take on instagram state?

I always knew instagram was more than just a platform where you could upload photos and communicate , but never to extent that you could make a living until i started making revenue from a small fitness page back in 2016 through shoutouts and then dug deep into creating my small business/website were i would offer the option to give people the same oppurtunity as myself through giving the audience to sell to, instagram has progressed over the last few years in many positive ways but at the same the all-famous “algorithm” and its changes is proven to take its toll in affecting many big influencers and brands ect, and that is were my value comes into place because i adapt eveything i do towards the algorithm changes and flow with river not try to go against the tide as many others are still doing. In short terms i still think there is much more to come from instagram in the near future … good points yet also bad points; even with the co-owners recently leaving the whole platform in the hands of mark zuckerberg

3) What are your favorite ways to make your own content?

When making content I always look for others for inspirations as those who have succeeded in any aspect on instagram have done so for a reason and i try to pick apart that reason and slighty changing it, content is nothing without a meaning or a message, and that the key to finding what what works in what niche, for example take a sports instagram account and repost pictures of christiano ranoldo sat in his lambo or at the club or posing in a fancy model shoot probably wont get you very far – even though hes the crowned the best and most known “sports” player in the world, to others its a just a guy and his life your displaying, now on the other hand post content of cr7 with his kit on and on the pitch and your most likely going to achieve a significant higher result, key word here being RELATED.

4) Who do u look up to and learn from on insta

GaryVee has always been a inspiration for me but also on the other hand I think @imjustbait has created a something different to anyone else and thats the sort of people who inspire me.

5) What is your best method of monetizing insta

There are many ways to generate money through IG , my prefered method would have to be securing long term contracts for promos , focusing around story shout out and there desired product,link in the bio of your account, stating to the clients the benefits of the long term contract as in regards to the more times passes the more audience you will build resulting in there “?” being seen by more more people as time goes on, and providing evidence of past accounts of successful growth rate usually confirms the clients trust to proceed in the contract. That’s my preffered method.

6) What do you want to achieve in next 5 years??

In the next five years i hope to teach enough of my students the same strategies/expertise so that i can then upscale my business and take on students who are willing to work for me and build trusting relationships worldwide, and also scale to my current followernetwork of just under a million to the regions of 10million.


  • Moshe Reuven Sheradsky

    Founder & CEO


    BH: Moshe Reuven is a serial entrepreneur & artist with 1.2 Million Followers. A Tech  Founder, Writer for Live Kabbalah, Featured in Forbes, ABC, NBC, FOX, Thrive Global, the Huffington Post, Blerrp, Medium, Authority Magazine, & more. Moshe blends both the physical and spiritual worlds, writing on how spiritual matters are relevant to the physical and how physical matters are relevant to the spiritual. Moshe enjoys taking interviews with success stories, such as the former CEO of Apple, CEO of Trello, CEO of Udemy, and the like, writing about them in a way that we can all learn from them. Moshe is an Advisor on USF's Digital Marketing Board of Advisors. He is a 2x CMO with backgrounds in Accounting, Behavioral & Social Sciences, Humanities, and Entrepreneurship. Moshe's Tech Startup, WeDu, has been identified by Inc Magazine as one of America's fastest growing companies and a potential honoree of the Inc 5000.