Lewis Raymond Taylor travels the world, speaking on stages, hosting events, and lives in Bali, Indonesia. He lives the life of an travelpreneur/travel influencer. A lifestyle highly sought after by today’s youth, yet only successfully done by a small minority. Lewis happens to find himself amongst that minority but the path to where he is today was not all sunshines and rainbows.

When Lewis was young he went forward on a path of a lot of issues with what seemed to be no end. Sexually abused at 11, arrested for petty crimes a couple years later, was diagnosed with antisocial behavior disorder a year later, attempted suicide at 18, did time in a young offenders institution at 18, found his father dead at 21, diagnosed as bipolar at 23, diagnosed with drug & alcohol educed epilepsy at 23, sentenced to 18 months in prison at 24, and diiagnosed with emotionally unstable personality disorder in prison at age 24. Really quite the journey of troubles. Yet, through the power of coaching and personal development, Lewis went on to cure his mental illness, get clean and sober, become a Serial Entrepreneur, Senior Accredited Trainer & International Speaker, as well as the CEO of The Coaching Masters (a 7 figure online training platform & community).

Life was not all that easy for Lewis, yet from his perspective, it was exactly what led him on this amazing journey of self-discovery that several years ago almost seemed unimaginable. He had to speak with counselors, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, read tons of books, move away from his friends and family, admit himself into a 6 month rehab center, and attend 12 step recovery meetings every day. Through all this intense treatment, he came out healed, transformed, self discovered. He now operates an insanely profitable company, has over 40K followers on social media, and leads a tribe of 7,000 students towards a different life. Through his natural progression, his results inspired him to help others to obtain such results on their journey, as well.

The Coaching Masters are creating a new-age breed of Coach: younger, sharper, more powerful and more impactful than ever. This mix was all garnered through Lewis’ own experience, having seen so much, and having learned so much about what people truly need to experience real and lasting change. When he found himself asking why does life seem so hard, he found a solution, if you change yourself, you can change your world. He’s changed himself, and now we all get to see him change the world for so many others.

I really enjoyed learning about Lewis and his story. It takes tremendous courage for a person to look themselves in the eyes and realize/admit its them that need to change if they want to see a change. I believe his story is going to be the difference maker for thousands that find themselves where he once was.


  • Moshe Reuven Sheradsky

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    BH: Moshe Reuven is a serial entrepreneur & artist with 1.2 Million Followers. A Tech  Founder, Writer for Live Kabbalah, Featured in Forbes, ABC, NBC, FOX, Thrive Global, the Huffington Post, Blerrp, Medium, Authority Magazine, & more. Moshe blends both the physical and spiritual worlds, writing on how spiritual matters are relevant to the physical and how physical matters are relevant to the spiritual. Moshe enjoys taking interviews with success stories, such as the former CEO of Apple, CEO of Trello, CEO of Udemy, and the like, writing about them in a way that we can all learn from them. Moshe is an Advisor on USF's Digital Marketing Board of Advisors. He is a 2x CMO with backgrounds in Accounting, Behavioral & Social Sciences, Humanities, and Entrepreneurship. Moshe's Tech Startup, WeDu, has been identified by Inc Magazine as one of America's fastest growing companies and a potential honoree of the Inc 5000.