What’s your backstory?

Okay well my name is Sky Washington. I am 19 years old and I live in a small city in Virginia, i got into Instagram growth actually in a pretty interesting way.. This story goes back to when i started my very first ecommerce store and i was looking to make a change in my life through digital marketing, at this point of my life i was studying 24/7 every single day the ins and outs of dropshipping and i learned that instagram influencers were a good way to make sales for fairly cheap.. so one day i got a publication from a pretty big makeup account and i noticed that another entrepreneur got one as well but the niche wasn’t matched for the audience so i decided to contact him and help him with his targeting, so we talk for a while and i notice that the poor kid was doing this all wrong because everything on his shopify store were “Free + Shipping” products with very horrible compared prices i remember one even saying “Was $300 now $0” and when the customer went to check out the product cost $45 to ship! So with me studying ecommerce for a long time at this point i decided to help him remodel his business for free i didn’t want anything out of it i just knew that he needed help. So I helped the poor kid fix his shopify store. I noticed that he had 18k followers for this horrible business model so i asked him “How did you gain such a following?” And he simply replied “Oh this is just a throw away account i grew a while back” And that was very interesting and this is when i find out he owns a 1.3mil followed instagram account in the food niche! The guy never thought to promote his own products to his audience that he has been collecting for a very long time! So when i figured that out we remodeled his shopify store based around the food niche and we uploaded his very first ad on his own account, this did insanely well.. before 5 hours he had already made around two thousand dollars in revenue and the kid was excited he was so thankful that i helped him basically do what i thought was the obvious and target his own audience, that he gave me a 200k instagram account for completely free and at first i thought he wasn’t serious and i was confused to why he would even do such a thing but come to find out that he was over seas and only 15 years old and USD was worth a lot of money to him and i helped him change his life! And the entire time i was just helping him to be nice i never expected anything out of it.. And the rest is really history.

How do you like being in this industry?

Well i must say that i love being in this market, sure there are many other smaller agencies and freelancers that tarnish the Instagram growth community but overall its great! I have been able to receive free sales on my eCommerce store by gathering hundreds of thousands of people that are interested in a specific niche and making them a follower that i can target whenever i please and scale up my products with facebook ads instantly using something called “look alike audiences” which is basically just telling facebook “Here is the data i have collected on my shopify store, would you please find me others exactly like the people who have purchased this product” And i am glad that i am able to skip the process of testing products and wasting money and its great, Another plus of this knowledge is that i can grow instagram accounts for various business owners and earn a steady income for something that overall this is a great experience and I’m glad that I am in the position I was placed in!

Is Shopify/Dropshipping Dead?

It all depends on the traffic source I wouldn’t say that shopify is dying at all I believe that it is harder for others to start if they don’t have much capitol but the answer is no it isn’t crowded and it never will be it is only getting harder for the beginners compared to how it used to be.

What’s been the hardest part of your entrepreneurial journey?

Well I’m going to be honest everyday there is obstacles that we have to pass, but I remember when I first started this journey I didn’t have much capitol and I could barley afford to pay for advertising and everytime I would I ended up losing money what was really a breakthrough moment for me was when I was introduced into the inner circle of Instagram and was given a endless opportunity of organic traffic.

How do you build a good work life balance when working entirely online?

I think the most important thing when scheduling a balance when working online is to remember that there is always another day, I remember when I struggled a bit too much with this when I started and I would let the thought of success take over my life but I came to realize that if you set aside a certain time of the day to do certain things you start to train brain to almost do it on its own i believe it’s called strengthening your neuro plasticity, for example you may sit there and wonder how that musician is playing that song so effortlessly and it’s Because they have trained there brain correctly to do so, my tips for people who work at home would be settle down guys there is no rush there is 24 hours in a day schedule your work and make it a habit then you will find success.

What’s it all about for you, how would you like to give back what you gain from this in life?

My goal is to make money have no meaning to me or my family’s life I respect the way the economy works but I also would like to live life how G-d intended. I am only searching in freedom in this journey I’m not really in this for the fast car life I’m more into this. To remove moneys meaning in my life and family’s life. I don’t have any causes that I would donate at the moment but whenever I find some that I am into supporting I would surely send my fortunes to reasonable causes and pass down the money to my future kids. 

If you’d like to connect with Sky, and get in contact with his social media agency, follow Sky @TeamLimitlesss.

Moshe’s Key Takeaways

  1. Being a good, genuine person and helping others causes other people to naturally want to reciprocate in that manner and help you.
  2. Dropshipping is alive just has more barriers to entry than it used to.
  3. One thing leads to another.
  4. Patience. You have been given enough hours each day to accomplish what is to accomplished each day.
  5. Make your work segmented and habitual when working remote.


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