It’s one thing to be successful at a single endeavor, it’s another to be successful at multiple. Thomas Coffman is a successful Entrepreneur that not too long ago was a star Wide Receiver at Colorado State University. I was really amazed about how he could transition and be successful within such a short period of time.

Luckily, I was able to gather some info from Thomas that we can all capitalize on in our own journeys.

1. Focus

Thomas says that the key is focusing. When you focus on each thing as if it is its own thing, you can conquer it. Many people are overwhelmed trying to too much. The key is to make things simpler and focus heavily on the main things,. When founding Miracle Real Estate, throwing himself into it was a key action that opened up the company to rapid success. It’s with that focus and determination that we can take things and do our best with them.

2. Like-minded People

Science shows that you can take a dying cell and place it among living ones, and bring it back to health by doing so. Thomas thinks our surroundings are essential in how we turn out. Make sure to surround yourself with determined people that are within their mission life.

3. Listen to Those Wiser

Thomas admits that he wouldn’t have made it so far in Football without having had mentors and those wiser in years and experience help guide him. It takes humility, but within humility is greatness. Thomas listened to those before him and learned. Now, he applied that same logic to business and it has helped him rise above the norm and make huge leaps in success.

4. Follow Your Intuition

We are all processing things much faster than we can understand. The best way to move when decisions need to be made, and made fast is by listening to our intuition. We understand more than we think we understand. It’s just because the processing going on within us is based on years of experience and much more thought than we believe, our intuition can sometimes tell us things we would normally not listening to.

Learning from Thomas has been a gift. He’s built his own path in life and he was able to go from Football to Real Estate having taken the lessons he learned and implementing them in a new game. We have all learned so much in life. We have all succeeded at something, at some point. We can use those experiences to help us advance in our current endeavors. It’s just a matter of recognizing this truth and acting on it.


  • Moshe Reuven Sheradsky

    Founder & CEO


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