From an early age, we’ve been taught to color between the lines. We’re taught that conformity is normal and we shouldn’t ruffle any feathers. As we grow older, we realize life has so much more to offer. 

We feel guilty about wanting MORE for our life and especially our businesses.

We dip our toes in the water and retreat when we experience any resistance. When we get bolder and experience a little success, we apologize for taking what we want. What we were taught comes back to our minds, and we apologize for trying to be different. 

Life is short. Too short to apologize for claiming the life we truly want to live. Whether it’s starting a dream business, moving to an exotic location, falling in love with someone special, or whatever it is you desire, entrepreneurs should not have to apologize to anyone. Here are some reasons why we should not apologize for refusing to conform.

1. Chasing your major goals is important.

I think we can all agree that the American Dream lifestyle is broken. Wages are lower, and the cost of everything is increasing. The days of going to a job for 40 years and getting a pension are almost over (there are exceptions). 

More than that, who wants to spend 40 plus hours each week doing something we hate? Chase your business dreams and follow through on your goals. Don’t apologize for wanting more from what you do to earn a living.

2. Your health is your wealth.

If someone chooses to drink, smoke, or eat fast food, that’s their choice for their life. If you decide that’s NOT what you want in your life and for your health, don’t apologize. Your body is a temple, and you choose what goes in it. 

If you choose to say NO even though it’s socially acceptable, don’t feel like an outsider. Many examples have shown us that when an entrepreneur takes care of their health, their business thrives — they have more energy and confidence to put the work in and grow.

3. Ending toxic relationships leads to freedom. 

Whether it’s a friendship, family members, romantic involvements, or business connections, toxic relationships can ruin your life. As hard as it is, purge relationships from your life that aren’t in line with the kind of life you want to live. 

This is especially true with entrepreneurship. The wrong business partnership and relationships have the potential to ruin your business. Avoid entrepreneurs that are all talk and don’t have anything to back up what they’re saying. Look to make connections with entrepreneurs that let their actions do the talking for them.

4. Complacency doesn’t create growth. 

Too often, we confuse being grateful with being complacent. You can be grateful for the life you have, yet want to do bigger and greater things. Being comfortable is the enemy of progress because it convinces you to settle. 

You may have reached a level of success in your business, but what else can growing your business do? You created a business to make an impact, income, and create freedom. Don’t get complacent in those goals.

5. The past is history.

If you have left behind an old way of living or negative people, don’t apologize or look back. Keep moving forward. Keep chasing bigger and higher dreams. Never settle. Don’t focus on what happened and don’t let any negative experiences become your story. Every day is another opportunity to do whatever it takes to reach all of your life and business goals.

6. Being confident is sexy. 

A lot of times, confidence is confused with arrogance. Face it — there are some of us who know what we want and go after those things. Don’t apologize for your certainty and persistence in accomplishing big goals and dreams. Let confidence be your guide through the times when doubt and fear try to derail you.

7. It’s healthy to say NO. 

We are pleasers by nature and it’s hard to say NO. We want people to like us, and in our minds, saying YES helps. More times than not, saying NO frees us up to say YES to the things that help our life and dreams. 

Never apologize for saying no to something that doesn’t benefit your goals and dreams. You can say no to business opportunities that don’t make sense to you.

Even though apologizing is in our nature, we can break the habit and live free. Success will have a different meaning for every entrepreneur reading this, but I think a good universal definition is freedom. 

We long to live life on our terms and spend our time doing what’s important to us. We deserve a business that betters our life. Chase that kind of life and business, and don’t apologize.

Photo Credit: @peterlaster on Unsplash